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Here is a list of ITS services related to the category of Accounts.

2-Step Login (Duo)
Two-Step Login provides an additional security layer by requiring 2 types of authentication to verify a user's identity. This 2-step process, something you may already use for online banking or paying bills, will help protect institutional and personal data by adding extra security to NetBadge-protected resources. More info »
Access Management
Management of user access to central IT systems; services include:
  • General computing accounts support
  • Identity verification; UVA Identity Token pick up/drop off
  • Specialized data access to HR/Finance, SIS, Document Imaging and Management Services (formerly ImageNow) and VITA
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Box (UVA Box)
Box is a cloud-based storage and collaboration service that gives eligible members of the University community the ability to access, store, and share a wide range of non-sensitive/moderately sensitive University files securely—anywhere, anytime, on any device.

A UVA Box account provides:

  • 1 TB of space
  • Access to your files via computer, smartphone, & mobile device
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues both inside and outside the University
  • Auto-sync, commenting, customizable permissions, and version history functionality all available
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Collab (UVACollab)
UVACollab is the University of Virginia's centrally supported online course management, collaboration and learning (CLE) system. It supports and facilitates coursework as well as collaboration among project teams, research groups, committees, etc. UVACollab is based upon the open-source, community-developed software, Sakai. More info »
Databases - MySQL
Self-service MySQL account and database management. Includes user or group database account ID and database service, with a web-based management interface (phpMyAdmin). More info »
Email Alias and Forwarding - Address Management System (AMS)
ITS allows for the self-service management of email aliases and available accounts. The Address Management System (AMS):
  • Is used to establish email aliases and control where email addressed to those aliases is delivered.
  • Allows students to obtain 2 aliases in the domain, in addition to their primary alias.
  • Allows faculty to obtain up to 7 aliases in the domain, plus 2 aliases in the domain.
  • Permits all users to configure up to 5 "deliverable addresses" where aliases can be directed.
  • Documentation is available online.

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Email and Calendar for Faculty and Staff (Outlook/Office 365)
As of Nov. 2017, all UVA faculty and staff authorized to have ITS-provided email accounts use Office 365 email and calendaring. Because Office 365's email and calendar functionality is in the cloud, email and calendaring are not hosted on servers located at UVA.

Using Office 365/Outlook also enables the cloud-based versions of the familiar Microsoft Office suite with Microsoft's communications and collaboration services. This suite includes SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and Microsoft Office ProPlus (rollout dates for these applications will be in 2018).

Access your email and calendar anywhere from a PC, tablet, smartphone, or other device with an Internet connection. Mailbox storage is 100GB.
Please see the Office 365 website for complete details. More info »
Email for Students (Gmail)
Student email is provided on a Google Education Domain (Gmail).

  • Provides a complete communication package, including email, integrated instant messaging, online document sharing, calendaring, Web publishing tools, and more
  • Students may retain their UVA Gmail accounts "for life"
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ESHARP is a Web-based tool developed by ITS for requesting access to or removal from UVA systems. Systems currently using ESHARP include:
  • HR/Finance (Integrated System)
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Document Imaging System (ImageNow)
  • Mass Lists
  • ResearchUVA
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Identity Tokens (UVA Identity Tokens)
The UVA Identity Token is used for identifying a user to various systems requiring two-factor authentication. Tokens are provided to any University affiliate who needs one to access networks or servers protecting sensitive data, or other systems that require two-factor authentication. More info »
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) service at UVA is a directory of publicly-accessible information about UVA people, containing a subset of the available data in the UVA User Database.
Public LDAP can be used to look up registered email addresses, office phone numbers, etc. for members of the UVA community. UVA users who have elected to make all their information private do not appear in this search. Public LDAP is also used by the UVa People Search Web Interface.
Many University Web applications protected by the NetBadge service access the Private LDAP service to determine whether a user is authorized to use that application based on their status as a faculty, staff, or student. More info »
MyGroups allows UVA faculty, staff, and students to set up email lists and to manage access to online applications and services at UVA by creating groups of authorized users. You can use MyGroups to manage groups for email lists, website access, and file permissions. More info »
NetBadge verifies a user's identity for those UVA websites, services, and applications that need to restrict access to certain groups or protect content. NetBadge is not an ITS computing account.

When attempting to connect to anything secured by NetBadge, you must log in to NetBadge with either: All traffic and actions on the UVA network are subject to University policies. By connecting to the University's network, you acknowledge and consent to these terms.

ITS provides information to developers on configuring Web application server access to single sign-on login services with NetBadge. More info »
Office 365 (OneDrive, Office Online, SharePoint, Groups & Teams, and more)
An ITS-provided Office 365 account provides users with access to a suite of online services which integrate into the desktop office suite, which currently include:
  • Email & Calendaring
  • Skype for Business (chat, videoconferencing and screen sharing)
  • OneDrive, Office Online, SharePoint, Groups & Teams
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • To-Do & more!

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People Search (UVA People Search)
There are 2 ways to search for people at UVA. Use UVA Internal People Search (NetBadge login required) to find students, faculty, and staff. If you cannot log in through NetBadge, use the UVA Public People Search to find faculty and staff. More info »
SIS (Student Information System)

The Student Information System (SIS) allows applicants and students to apply to the University, enroll in classes, receive financial aid, process grades and academic requirements, and pay tuition. The SIS portal is available to all users, allowing them to browse the course catalog and request registration for classes. The portal includes access to SIS Mobile. SIS Mobile enables current students to do most tasks available in SIS, plus some new functionality:

  • See your daily class schedule and locations on a map and also your exams.
  • Share interesting classes with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Add or drop classes, view your to do list, holds, etc.
  • Check your grades on the go.
More info »
Skype for Business for Faculty and Staff (Office 365)
Skype for Business (chat, videoconferencing and screen sharing) is provided to UVA faculty and staff entitled to ITS-provisioned Office 365 accounts.
Traditional meetings can be a challenge when people are spread out over long distances. Communication technology like Skype can overcome this physical boundary by allowing people to attend from any location with Internet or phone access. More info »

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