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Here is a list of ITS services related to the category of Phone.

Cellular Phone Coverage
Enhancement of cellular phone coverage of an area on Grounds. More info »
Conferencing - Audio and Data - VITA
ITS supports audio and Web conferencing activities which use Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) accounts and services. More info »
People Search (UVA People Search)
There are 2 ways to search for people at UVA. Use UVA Internal People Search (NetBadge login required) to find students, faculty, and staff. If you cannot log in through NetBadge, use the UVA Public People Search to find faculty and staff. More info »
Skype for Business for Faculty and Staff (Office 365)
Skype for Business (chat, videoconferencing and screen sharing) is provided to UVA faculty and staff entitled to ITS-provisioned Office 365 accounts.
Traditional meetings can be a challenge when people are spread out over long distances. Communication technology like Skype can overcome this physical boundary by allowing people to attend from any location with Internet or phone access. More info »
Telephone Service
All information regarding telephone service at UVA is available on the University Telephone System website. This includes, but is not limited to: getting and using telephone service, reporting problems, billing, voicemail, long distance and toll-free offerings, forced authorization codes (FAC), and special phone services like Call Centers. More info »
VITA Cellular Phone Support
ITS provides support for existing cellular service obtained through the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA). More info »

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