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Here is a list of ITS services related to the category of Software.

Document Imaging System (ImageNow)
Document Imaging System (ImageNow/iNow) is an Enterprise-level document management solution, providing a document repository integrated with workflow, enterprise applications, and document retention. The system is used by schools and departments for a variety of documents, including personnel and student information. More info »
ESHARP is a Web-based tool developed by ITS for requesting access to or removal from UVA systems. Systems currently using ESHARP include:
  • HR/Finance (Integrated System)
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Document Imaging System (ImageNow)
  • Mass Lists
  • ResearchUVA
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Hive (UVA Hive)
The UVA Hive facilitates access to UVA specialized software:
  • from anywhere, anytime via an Internet connection and a Web browser;
  • through high-availability, enterprise-level VMWare that hosts a virtual Windows desktop environment;
  • on a virtual desktop that is configured with ITS Labs and Classroom specialized software, which eliminates the need to purchase software or go somewhere to access it;
  • with multiple supported devices; and
  • supports remote printing.
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HR/Finance Integrated System
  • The HR/Finance Integrated System consists of HR/Payroll, Finance, and Student Information System (SIS).
  • Specific areas include: Employee/Manager Self-Service, Human Resources Management, Payroll, Time & Leave, Labor Distribution, and Learning Management.
  • It also includes support for: Procurement, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Grants Accounting, General Ledger, and Fixed Assets.
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HR/Finance Integrated System Reporting (iODS)
iODS is the HR/Financial reporting environment, with pre-developed views, reports, and tables for Discoverer and other reporting access tools. More info »
Mac Build
ITS provides applications on the Mac OS to directly support faculty and students in a classroom environment. ITS currently provides the images for 2 dual-boot classrooms. More info »
Managed Desktop Services Tools
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Windows Update Service (WSUS) provide centralized management to insure download/installation of Windows updates, and facilitate standardization of users' desktops and laptops to aid in support.

SCCM allows departmental Local Support Partners (LSPs) to:
  • Manage Microsoft and non-Microsoft system updates
  • Install inventory software on local computers for record-keeping
  • Create templates for standardizing Desktop Images
WSUS (Patch Management) provides:
  • critical updates pushed to computers, automatically insuring that the computer remains updated with the most recent Microsoft Security patches
  • patches tested prior to going out to users' computers
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Qualtrics Research Suite
Qualtrics at UVA is a 3-year pilot service (start date June 2016) that will provide survey research capabilities to faculty, staff, and students (including, but not limited to, the Academic division and the UVA Medical Center). This software package allows for robust survey composition with a multitude of question types, complex survey flow patterns, and the ability to complete authenticated surveys. More info »
Security and Sensitive Data Scanning
  • Networked Device Security Vulnerability Scanning

    Internet Security Scanning (ISS) allows a user to request that a set of machines on the UVA network be scanned for known vulnerabilities. The vulnerability database is updated regularly to enable detection of recently discovered vulnerabilities for all operating systems. After the scan has been run, a report will be emailed to the requester detailing the findings from the scan. For more information and to request, see
  • Web Application Security Vulnerability Scanning

    Server-based software that runs security tests against Web applications and/or operating systems and installed software. Detailed reports from the scanner provide mitigation techniques and fixes that can be implemented in a timely manner. For more information and to request, see Web Application Vulnerability Scanner.
  • Sensitive Data Scanning

    Support and assistance for departments to scan and remediate server shares and end-user computers for highly sensitive data using Identity Finder client and server software.

    Request via email. More info »
SIS (Student Information System)

The Student Information System (SIS) allows applicants and students to apply to the University, enroll in classes, receive financial aid, process grades and academic requirements, and pay tuition. The SIS portal is available to all users, allowing them to browse the course catalog and request registration for classes. The portal includes access to SIS Mobile. SIS Mobile enables current students to do most tasks available in SIS, plus some new functionality:

  • See your daily class schedule and locations on a map and also your exams.
  • Share interesting classes with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Add or drop classes, view your to do list, holds, etc.
  • Check your grades on the go.
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SIS Reporting Database (CSRPT)
Student Information System (SIS) reporting environment, which is a copy of the production database made nightly. Reporting environment for reporting data from the SIS requires an approved role. More info »
Software Gateway
The UVA Software Gateway makes it easy for users to find the software they need to study, do research or work at UVa in one location. A wide range of software is available and can be searched by category, operating system, or eligibility (student, faculty, staff, etc). Much of the software available is site-licensed by the University and offered at no cost to the community. More info »
Unified Build
The Unified Build facilitates access to specific academic coursework-related applications used by faculty and students that may be installed on certain University computers. The build is provided with only minor customizations for different customers. Those areas utilizing the Unified Build are:
  • ITS-supported, technology-enabled classrooms – provides access to applications required by faculty for instruction.
  • Library – provides access to applications for students to use for their coursework.
  • Athletics – non-public labs that provide access to applications for athletes to use for their coursework.
  • Engineering – provides access to applications in public areas to provide a collaborative environment for students to use for coursework.
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