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Here is a list of ITS services related to the category of Connecting.

Domain Name System (DNS)
The ITS Domain Name System (DNS) (Hostmaster) provides for Internet Protocol (IP) address and Internet name assignment. Static IP address, Domain Name System (DNS) hostname, and domain assignment for UVa departments/group technical professionals is also provided. More info »
ITS's Level III Firewall Service supports customized secure zones within the UVA network. Typically these are for small groups of departmental servers that have specific access requirements which cannot be accommodated on the (free) UVA More Secure Network. Service features are customized to the instance. Several standard options are available:
  • University Data Center Shared Departmental Firewall
  • University Data Center Private Departmental Firewall
  • Departmental Firewall
  • Redundant Departmental Firewall Pair with Failover
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NetAdmin LSP Network Management Tools
Web-based NetAdmin System Network Management Tools for LSPs provide the ability for UVA technical professionals to change their users' wired network service to the More Secure network, enable users to access the jefferson (more secure) wireless network and manage their users' VPN tunnel modes. Also includes access to network information and troubleshooting tools. More info »
Network Consulting
ITS offers advanced network consulting and troubleshooting services to the UVA community, including access to knowledgeable network engineers with troubleshooting tools such as network equipment logs, packet capture, and network flow analysis. More info »
Office 365 (OneDrive, Office Online, SharePoint, Groups & Teams, and more)
An ITS-provided Office 365 account provides users with access to a suite of online services which integrate into the desktop office suite, which currently include:
  • Email & Calendaring
  • Skype for Business (chat, videoconferencing and screen sharing)
  • OneDrive, Office Online, SharePoint, Groups & Teams
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • To-Do & more!

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Printer Queue Services
Local Support Partners (LSPs) can use this service to add printers to the Enterprise Services print services spooler, in order to make the printers available to their users. More info »
Proxy Service
Some University of Virginia resources, such as library materials, online databases, news resources, and downloadable software, have license restrictions that limit their use to the University community. The proxy server provides access to these restricted UVA resources off Grounds. More info »
Skype for Business for Faculty and Staff (Office 365)
Skype for Business (chat, videoconferencing and screen sharing) is provided to UVA faculty and staff entitled to ITS-provisioned Office 365 accounts.
Traditional meetings can be a challenge when people are spread out over long distances. Communication technology like Skype can overcome this physical boundary by allowing people to attend from any location with Internet or phone access. More info »
Television (IPTV)
ITS manages IPTV, which provides web browser-based access to several local broadcast live TV channels and is available via on-Grounds wired and wireless network connections. The service is provided and supported for the benefit of students in UVA residence halls, but may be accessed by faculty and staff in an unsupported manner. More info »
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The UVA Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provides authorized users secure, authenticated access to resources normally limited to on-Grounds use. UVA offers three VPN service profiles:
  • UVA Anywhere: Provides an off-Grounds connection to resources that normally require you to be on Grounds to use them; e.g., Library resources, the UVA Home Directory Service, the Exchange Server, servers restricted by departments, etc.
  • Joint VPN: Enables academic users to access high-security network resources from on- or off-Grounds.
  • UVA More Secure Network: Enables access for faculty and staff to resources protected by the More Secure Network, from on- or off-Grounds. Learn More about the UVA More Secure Network.

All traffic and actions on the UVA network are subject to University policies. By connecting to the University's network, you acknowledge and consent to these terms. More info »
Wired Networks
Wired (Ethernet) network service provides access to the UVA network and the Internet in UVA academic and some residential buildings. Ports are provided in these buildings to allow wired connections with link speeds of 10Mbs and 100Mbs in all locations. Buildings are currently being upgraded to support 1Gbs link speeds. Residence area service is protected by an Internet firewall. ITS de/activates wired connections (ports) as necessary around Grounds. More info »
Wireless Networks (WiFi)
Wireless (WiFi) Ethernet service provides access to the UVA network and the Internet in UVA academic and residential buildings. Wireless access points (APs) are installed with the intention to cover building and outdoor areas where UVA persons work and study. Wireless Ethernet link speeds of up to 54Mbs are supported in all locations. Newer buildings support links speeds up to 300Mbs. Wireless networks available:
  • Welcome to UVa Wireless (Used for initial setup and Short-term guest access)
  • cavalier (Encrypted access)
  • wahoo (Unencrypted and long-term guest access)
  • jefferson (More Secure network access)
  • eduroam (Travel in the U.S. and abroad at participating institutions)
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