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Bubble Sheet Handling/Marking

Where to get bubble sheets

Pick up blank bubble sheets Monday through Friday (University holidays excepted) from ISPRO Access Management in Carruthers Hall, between 8 AM and 4 PM.

Parking for pick-up at Carruthers is available in the visitor's lot (south side of the building) or those with green or blue parking tags can park in the Carruthers' employee parking lots adjacent to the north side of the building.

Purple bubble sheets are required

The UVa standard "purple" bubble sheets provide space for up to 200 questions. All sheets allow up to 5 choices for each question. Purple bubble sheets are required. Green and blue bubble sheets are no longer accepted.

Space is included on the form for:

  1. ID number—9-digit University ID number or a unique identifier assigned to the student by the professor.
  2. Form (or key) number (used when more than one version of a test is administered to a class).
  3. For any special test scanning requests other than the UVa purple sheets, you will need to contact the UVa Help Desk for further information.

Proper bubble sheet marking and handling

To assure forms are processed properly, please observe the following:

  • Use a No. 2 pencil. The scanner reads graphite markings. Other numbered pencils and pens may not have enough graphite to be read properly. The scanner may fail to record a mark if it is so light that the numeral can still be seen within the circle. Instructors should tell students they may lose credit for correct answers if they are too light.
  • Fill in all bubbles completely. Checks, Xs, or incomplete circles may not be read by the scanner.
  • Do not make multiple marks (more than one filled-in bubble per item). The scanner will pick up only one response per item. If questions are of the form “fill in all that apply”, etc., the key will need to be modified via the Scan&Score application once the sheets have been scanned.
  • Do not fold, bend, tear, or otherwise crinkle the bubble sheets. In order to run, the sheets must be flat. This includes sheets that may have been spilled on and dried (coffee, water, etc.). Forms that are too wrinkled to run will need to be recopied. Photocopies of forms cannot be processed.
  • It is not necessary to sort student bubble sheets before submission to test scoring. Please do not use paper clips or staples on forms. Forms must all be face up and aligned in the same direction.

Answer keys

  • Instructors must submit a form (answer key) showing correct responses. Use an opscan sheet, marking responses as though taking the test; mark all “A's” in the ID area. Do not put Xs or lines through the blank answer choices on the key and warn students not to do so as well. A valid answer key is critical to the proper scanning and scoring of student exams.
  • Each question on the answer key can only have one answer bubbled in. To accept more than one answer for a question you can use the Scan&Score application to modify the answer key.

Dropping off exams for scoring

Drop off your Scantron forms with your completed scanning request form at ISPRO Access Management in Carruthers Hall, Monday through Friday, 8 AM–4 PM (University holidays excepted).

  • Bubble sheets are not accepted for scanning via Messenger Mail.

Scanned sheets should be picked up from ISPRO Access Management in Carruthers Hall. Bubble sheets are not accepted for scanning nor returned after scanning via Messenger Mail. Bubble sheets not retrieved within 10 business days will be recycled.

For more information or for questions, contact the UVa Help Desk.

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