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Scantron “Bubble Sheet” Scanning

Features of Scan&Score

Scan&Score is a Web-based test scoring system that will:

  • accept data files from external sources;
  • provide methods for scoring, sorting and analyzing the input data;
  • provide secure storage of results (2 years for active retrieval, 7 years archival storage);
  • provide the ability for the user to retrieve the final analysis.

Access and Designated Users

Access to Scan&Score is granted when you initially complete the scanning request form. If you later need to grant access rights to additional users (such as a designated teaching assistant), contact the UVa Help Desk.

Scanning Process

UVa Faculty, Teaching Assistants (TAs), and Staff

  1. Pick up blank bubble sheets Monday through Friday (University holidays excepted) at:
  2. Give your exam; pay special attention to the proper bubble sheet marking and handling instructions. Only purple bubble sheets are accepted.
  3. Drop off your Scantron forms with your completed scanning request form at ISPRO Access Management in Carruthers Hall, Monday through Friday, 8 AM–4 PM (University holidays excepted).
    • Bubble sheets are not accepted for scanning via Messenger Mail.
  4. Wait approximately one business day for your bubble sheets to be scanned. The exam owner will receive an email notification when their exam has been scanned.
  5. Click the link in the notification email to access the scanned data through the secure online Scan&Score application. Log in through the NetBadge interface.
  6. View student grades, create result subsets, view exam statistics, and modify the answer key as needed. See Scan&Score instructions.
  7. Pick up your forms from ISPRO Access Management in Carruthers Hall within 10 business days or they will be recycled. They cannot be returned via Messenger Mail.
  8. Read the Scan&Score instructions for more information.

Scanning Results

Please note that results are only posted for faculty viewing at In order for students to view their scores, faculty must post the results to UVaCollab.

Exam scores remain available through the Scan&Score application for two years.

For more information or for questions, contact the UVa Help Desk.

  Page Updated: 2016-01-04