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ITS System Status

About this Resource

This page is assembled automatically from brief messages posted in real time by ITS staff regarding the operational status of ITS systems. The information posted here is provisional in nature as problems are investigated, and may be technical or lack explanatory context. Please be aware that this information is simply the best information we have at the time the posting is made.

Several major ITS and Integrated System services follow regularly scheduled downtimes for upgrades and routine maintenance. Those downtimes occur in addition to the service interruptions listed here. If a service appears to be unavailable, but you do not see a related item on this page, you may want to refer to our regular maintenance schedule to see if the service is listed there.

Active Items

Item #1341 • SIS Planned Maintenance on Saturday 11/22
Item #1344 • UVaSoftware Site Planned Downtime
Item #1343 • Wireless Network Transition- Nau and Gibson
Item #1330 • ES3 Downtime/VMWare Tool Maitenance Upgrade
Item #1328 • Wireless Upgrade-Claude Moore Medical Education
Item #1327 • Software Removal-UNIX/Linux Systems, 12/17/14
Item #1321 • Storage Refresh Migration, Tues, Nov 25, 11PM
Item #1314 • Wireless Upgrade-MR5(Biomedical & Eng. Science)
Item #1283 • Wireless Upgrade-Alderman Library, Mechanical Eng.
Item #1296 • Wireless network upgrade-Jordan Hall

Recently Resolved Items

Item #1340 • ITS Exchange Downtime on 11/20
Item #1337 • VoIP Migration - SFS at Carruthers Hall
Item #1338 • Collab Wordpress Tool Authentication Problem
Item #1339 • DNS Server Reverse Lookup Failure (P2 Incident)
Item #1335 • Network outage at Amvest due to power failure

If you are aware of a system problem that is not listed here, please contact the Help Desk.

If you would like to receive email notifications of changes in the operational status of ITS systems, you can subscribe to the System Status mail list. You can also subscribe to a System Status RSS feed on our Feeds page.