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SIS Enhancements for Users

Since March 2009

Enhancements in Progress

Enhancements Completed

Enhancements In Progress

  • Electronic forms for student administrative actions: reentry for Fall readmits (Summer 2014), intra-University transfer (Fall 2014)
  • SIS Mobile Access for Students(Spring 2015)
  • SIS Reporting Data Mart — tuition reporting
  • Graduate Admission electronic deposits
  • Add triggers/popups to self service for add/drop/swap/edit functions
  • New front-end system for administrative users to enter graduate student departmental aid (phase 2: award status - partially completed 4/30/14)

Enhancements Completed

Student Records

Class Search

  • Added textbook link to Schedule of Classes
  • Modified search to default the "Show Open Classes Only" checkbox as unchecked
  • Removed warning message when class search returns more than 50 results
  • Modified class search to include 5000-level graduate classes in Undergraduate career searches
  • Bolded topic names in search results
  • Modified default view of search results to display all sections of large classes
  • Modified display of search results to show authorized/actual enrollment
  • Modified the search to provide links to syllabi in UVaCollab and to faculty evaluations
  • Modified the search to allow for searching by department and College area requirement
  • Reordered search page in consultation with student and faculty focus groups to highlight most-common search criteria

Student Self Service

  • Allowed students to edit their "drop if enroll" class for a pending wait list request
  • Allowed students to see their degree candidate information
  • Allowed students to enter a diploma name different from official name
  • Added pdf versions of Degree Requirements reports to Self Service
  • Library interfaces for dissertations and theses for School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Refined emails to students on waitlist to include reason bypassed


Faculty Self Service

  • Added student photographs to class roster and advisee pages
  • Added confirmation message to notify faculty that grades have been completed successfully
  • Added icon to distinguish classes which have been graded from those for which grades still need to be submitted
  • Created an interface with UVaCollab for faculty grading
  • Created the Permission List functionality to allow for the automation of enrollment in instructor-consent classes
  • Allowed faculty to sort Permission List requests in sequence order and email students on their permission list
  • Allowed faculty to post specific questions or instructions to students requesting to enroll in an instructor-consent class
  • Allowed faculty to submit grade changes electronically
  • Graduate Evaluation System in SIS


  • Enabled School of Nursing to use SIS to track faculty workload, allowing them to replace their shadow system
  • Added unofficial transcripts to the Student Center view for administrative staff
  • Created a process to share a single set of transfer credit rules for the 23 campuses of the VA Community College System
  • Created additional advisor types so that graduate schools can track thesis/dissertation/research advisors, etc.
  • Enabled alumni access to SIS
  • Created a process for alumni access to the SIS to view their unofficial transcripts
  • Added student photos to administrative pages
  • Created "notify" function from class roster for administrative users - coming with SIS upgrade
  • Electronic transcripts
  • Electronic class withdrawal form
  • Electronic voluntary undergraduate University withdrawal
  • SIS integration with Athletics Teamworks application
  • Academic Level changes
  • SIS Reporting Data Mart - enrollment

Student Finance/Financial Aid

  • Created electronic long award letter
  • Implemented enhancements to direct loan processing
  • Provided three-way reconciliation reports for departmental aid
  • Modified external award reporting so students can report additional information about the outside scholarship(s)
  • Created financial aid award letter in PDF, printable format
  • Implemented real-time credit history check for hold release
  • Implemented tuition differential for McIntire School of Commerce
  • Implemented limited payment options for students with Do Not Accept Check indicator
  • Ability for students to sign up in SIS for direct deposit of refunds and stipends
  • Created an Athletics interface for departmental aid
  • Created new front-end system for administrative users to enter graduate student departmental aid (phase 1)
  • Modified federally regulated financial aid award letters so letters from all schools follow same format
  • Implemented Athletics Awarding System (phase 2)
  • Created new front-end system for administrative users to enter graduate student departmental aid (phase 2: PTAO validation and target rollovers)
  • Financial Aid online document submission
  • New Award letter
  • Initial phase 2 improvements to award status workflow completed for administrative users entering graduate student departmental aid


  • Created SIS-generated email to graduate school applicants regarding how to log in to SIS—all schools except Architecture and Commerce
  • Added a view of VA Status information for the undergraduate applicant to Self Service
  • Enabled Undergraduate Admission office to view data on all applicants from a particular institution simultaneously
  • Added Computing ID, Campus ID (University ID) and Empl ID in SIS back to ImageNow and then into AY for use by graduate schools
  • Created online application and enrollment for School of Continuing and Professional Studies and for Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
  • Modified the Common Application to facilitate processing of applicant information
  • Streamlined on-line viewing and evaluating of graduate admission applications
  • Add a view of VA Status information for the graduate applicant to AY
  • Created process for applicants to request their IDs to log into SIS
  • Implemented undergraduate CRM (Customer Relations Management for managing applicant recruiting)
  • Created application for Summer Language Institute


  • Increased time out period from 20 to 35 minutes
  • Created reporting data catalog
  • Implemented ESHARP electronic access system for SIS
  • Converted historical HR transactions to ImageNow

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