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ITS Announcement/Windows License Server & Management Changes

May 26, 2016-Fall Semester 2016

ITS will begin upgrading its Windows license server/manager service for software packages used in labs, departments, and classrooms after the end of Spring Semester 2016 and continuing through Fall 2016. Software affected by this change includes Aspen, HSM Works, SolidWorks, Mathcad (Classroom only), and Autocad among other packages.

ITS will contact individuals in charge of the affected packages for departments and labs with exact dates for the migration to the new servers. ITS System Status will list downtimes for the packages 2 business days before they are moved to the new license managers. To save users the inconvenience of having to renew or purchase new licenses multiple times, the software licenses will be replaced and changed at their expiration.

After the upgrade:

  • The current server will be migrated to 3 servers, providing redundancy (where permitted) for the license manager.
  • Once software is migrated to the new servers, users will need to connect to the license server through the VPN when off Grounds. On-Grounds access will be unaffected.

ITS will continue to adhere to all license terms and restrictions for the affected software.

Questions about this change should be directed to

Information Technology Services (ITS)

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