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Old blue.unix Passwords No Longer Allowed for Authentication/Certificate Provisioning [Apr. 22, 2015]

Although was retired in August 2013, ITS has continued to allow authentication through NetBadge and provisioning of personal digital certificates with old blue.unix passwords. On April 22, 2015, ITS will retire this functionality and blue.unix password users will need to switch or update to another password for NetBadge and digital certificate requests.

For most users, this will simply involve switching to their Eservices (Exchange/Outlook), HSC (hscmail), or CMS password instead of the blue.unix password.

  • If you have been through Identity Verification, but you do not know your password on Eservices (Exchange/Outlook) or Central Mail Service (CMS), go to the password change page at, log in and set a new password, and then start using your new password for NetBadge or certificate requests. HSC users should call the HSTS Help Desk at 924-5334 to have their HSCDOM password (i.e., email account) reset if they cannot remember the password.
  • Users who have only a blue.unix password may need to complete ID verification, set security questions and a new permanent password. IS's Access Management group will work with users who cannot complete ID verification to set a new Eservices password.

If you have questions regarding this change, please contact the UVa Help Desk.

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