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To-Do is a new personal task management product that leverages existing Outlook tasks' functionality in conjunction with a simplified user experience, new mobile apps, and a new web interface. The mobile apps are available in the Android/iOS app stores. It is based on a previous independent product that they purchased called Wunderlist.

How do I access Microsoft To-Do?

The primary way of accessing To-Do is via a mobile device. The To-Do app is available in the Android/iOS app stores. You can also access To-Do from the app launcher in the Office 365 portal which will give you a web-based view of your tasks that looks almost identical to the app. When launching the app, simply sign in with your Office 365 credentials (

Where is my information stored?

To-Do uses the tasks' functionality already built in to an Exchange mailbox, so tasks are stored in your Office 365 mailbox. You can also access your To-Do tasks via the tasks' functionality of Microsoft Outlook; however, Outlook displays the tasks a little differently and doesn't include the "My Day" functionality.

What is the main difference between Outlook tasks and To-Do?

To-Do leverages Outlook tasks and provides similar functionality; however, To-Do provides an interface that is designed to simplify task management and to optimize it for mobile devices. It also includes a feature called "My Day". This feature allows you to select particular tasks from lists of tasks and mark them as tasks that you will focus on today. Each day the "My Day" list is reset, so each day you can choose which tasks you will focus on today.

If I start using To-Do can I still use tasks in Outlook?

Yes, To-Do tasks are the same as Outlook tasks and you can see and manage your To-Do tasks in Outlook on your desktop. However, Outlook does not currently implement the "My Day" functionality included in To-Do, and using To-Do via the app or web interfaces will provide the most consistent experience.

Where can I get more information?

Microsoft has some more information about To-Do here:

Where can I get support?

ITS does not provide formal support for To-Do. However, there are many resources available on the Internet that can help you understand how and why you might want to use To-Do.

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