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I am using Lync on Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) and see that the Skype for Business Client is only compatible with OSX 10.11 and higher. What can I do?
Current users of Lync on Mac OSX 10.10 may continue to use the Lync client. It will connect to the Office 365 Skype for Business service until you upgrade to OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) or later which is compatible with Skype for Business. You will need to log in with your email address ( after the upgrade is complete.
Why does the Skype for Business mobile app want my phone number?
The Skype for Business app uses the phone number to allow call-back functionality. In certain cases, depending on client settings and the availability of WiFi, the Skype for Business conference line will call your phone in order to allow you to join a meeting. More information can be found here:
How do I join a Skype for Business meeting on my mobile device?
First, make sure you have the Skype for Business app installed and configured on your device. It can be downloaded from your platform's app store. In the app, you can view upcoming meetings, and click one to join it. For additional details, please see this Microsoft article:
How can I do Skype for Business meetings/calls with people outside UVA?
You can have a Skype for Business meeting with anyone in the world. The user you are having the meeting with does not need to have an Office 365 or Skype for Business account. To have a Skype for Business call with someone who does not have Skype for Business, simply create and send them a meeting request using Outlook (web or desktop). Make sure you make the meeting a Skype for Business meeting. When the recipient gets the request they will have the option of signing in as a guest. They can use the web client so no additional software is required. The main limitation of the web client is that it does not support video, but most other features from the desktop client will work.

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