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Skype for Business (Office 365)

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Traditional meetings can be a challenge when people are spread out over long distances. Overcome this physical boundary by allowing people to attend from any location using Skype for Business with Internet or phone access.

Getting Skype for Business

Guides for Using Skype for Business with Windows

Jumpstart Guide: How Skype for Business works

The Skype for Business JumpStart Guide is provided as a tool to help you quickly understand how Skype for Business works. It explains the layout of the windows and what action is initiated by each button.

⇒ Jumpstart Guide (PDF)

Quick Start Guide: Meetings

How to: schedule a meeting, set meeting options, join a meeting, choose your view, share your desktop, share a PowerPoint presentation, record & play back a meeting, manage meeting participants.

⇒ Meetings Quick Start (PDF)

Quick Start Guide: Contacts, presence, and IM

How to: find someone, create a group, send an instant message (IM), switch between conversations, find previous IM conversations, shut your virtual office door

⇒ Contacts, Presence, & IM Quick Start (PDF)

Quick Start Guide: Video

How to: set up your video device, start a video call or meeting, answer a video call, add video to an IM conversation, choose your view

⇒ Video Quick Start (PDF)

Quick Start Guide: Audio setup & making calls

How to: set up your audio device, start and answer a conference call, invite more people to a call, add audio to an IM conversation, use audio call controls, forward your phone calls, turn off call forwarding

⇒ Audio Setup Quick Start (PDF)

Guides for Using Skype for Business with a Mac

Other Office 365 Resources

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