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OneDrive (Office 365)

User Responsibilities & Data Restrictions

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What May Be Stored in OneDrive

OneDrive, part of UVA’s Office 365 suite, is a storage and collaboration service providing faculty and staff at the University of Virginia the ability to access, store, and share a wide range of University content securely from almost anywhere. It is important, however, that you be a good caretaker of institutional information and only use your OneDrive account for certain kinds of data.

  Data Permitted in OneDrive Data Prohibited in OneDrive
  • Health information, including HIPAA-protected data
  • Social Security, passport, or financial account numbers
  • Credit card processing (PCI) data
  • Export-controlled research (e.g. ITAR, EAR)
  • Any other highly sensitive data (refer to University policy for examples)

OneDrive's Intended Use at UVA

  • OneDrive is intended for University-related activities only. For personal activities, you can get a personal account with OneDrive or with another cloud storage provider.
  • OneDrive is not intended for highly sensitive data.

What May Not Be Stored in a OneDrive Account

Acceptable use of your OneDrive account is limited to files containing only non-sensitive or moderately sensitive data; the storage of files containing institutional data classified as "highly sensitive" is prohibited. This includes personal information that can lead to identity theft if exposed, and health information that reveals an individual's health condition and/or history of health services use. (Refer to University policy for examples.)

If you need to store highly sensitive data, you must use other, specially configured UVA internal services. Please contact the UVA Information Security Office or Health Information & Technology Office for additional information.

Management of University Data in OneDrive

All federal and state laws, plus the University of Virginia information policies and data protection standards, and Microsoft’s Terms of Service, apply to your use of OneDrive.

  • Official Information Requests: As with other UVA-provided storage services, you must provide all materials concerning University business to the University, if requested, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), internal investigations or audits, subpoena, search warrant, or other legal actions.
  • Leaving the University: 
    • Faculty & Staff: You must turn over to your department supervisor/chair all materials concerning University business when your employment relationship with the University has ended. 
      • Employees: When you leave UVA, you'll no longer have access to your OneDrive account. Its files/folders, which are University records, will be removed as part of an automated de-provisioning process for faculty and staff.

        Before departing, move documents from your OneDrive account and/or change ownership of shared files/folders so that others using that data can continue to do so.

  • Data Retention: You must retain all materials concerning University matters in accordance with the University Records retention and disposition schedules on the UVA Records Management Office website.

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