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Email & Calendar for Faculty & Staff (Office 365)

Outlook Email Forwarding

Set Forwarding/Stop Forwarding Email to Another Email Account

You are strongly advised not to redirect or auto-forward email sent to your UVA-provided email address(es) to personal, non-UVA email service(s).

If you wish to use a personal email account for your University work activities, or redirect a University account to a personal email account, you must agree to the Guidance for Use of Personal Accounts or Redirection for University Email.

  1. Log into Office 365 Outlook (
    Office 365 Outlook login screen
  2. Click Settings, in the top right corner
    Office 365 Outlook Settings
  3. Click Mail, on the lower righthand side
    Office 365 Outlook Mail in Settings
  4. Click Forwarding under Options > Mail > Accounts from the lefthand menu
    Office 365 Outlook Forwarding Settings

Set a Forward

  • Select Start forwarding
    Office 365 Outlook Start 
               Forwarding Setting
  • Enter the email address mail should be forwarded to.
  • Optional Select the checkbox to keep a copy of the message in the mailbox.
  • Click Save.

Stop Forwarding

  • Select Stop forwarding
    Office 365 Outlook Stop 
               Forwarding Setting
  • Click Save.

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