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New to UVA

Essential Computing Info for New Students

Consider These Things When Preparing to Come to UVA

#1 Bring Technology Supported at UVA

Photo of student on a Mac laptop

When choosing what computer to bring with you to school, consider:

Your program’s recommendations
Laptop minimums for support
Photo of UVA student using mobile device
UVA WiFi requirements
Smartphone & mobile considerations

#2 Save on Software

UVA students can get Microsoft Office and Windows software for free

Don’t waste money paying for software that you can get at very low or no cost as a UVA student!

Microsoft Office & Windows free!
Free antivirus software
Other software titles

#3 Plan Ahead for the Inevitable

Photo of student assisting 
           another student unfamiliar with Macs

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good warranty & regular file backups—before disaster strikes. You’ll likely have a computing problem sometime while youre at UVA, so plan ahead.

Warranties & repairs
Back up files in the cloud free!

#4 Take It or Leave It?

Photo of Ethernet cable

WiFi in a University setting is different from wireless in a home or office:

Bring an Ethernet cable
Bring a USB printer cable
Leave routers & wireless access points behind

#5 Take Advantage of Free Tech Support Year-Round

IT Help at Move-In

Photo of 
          tech support

Free computing help is available to all UVA students, no matter where you purchased your technology.

Contact the 24/7 Help Desk
Connect with us on social media

Cable TV??

Photo of TV remote

ITS-managed IPTV service (Web browser-based access to local broadcast TV channels) funded by UVA Housing and Residence Life, is available via on-Grounds wired and wireless network connections in University Housing.

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