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  • 2016 Forward Conference

Registration is now open for UVA Forward 2016 (, a conference designed for professionals who wish to lead, learn and collaborate.

Location: Darden School of Business
Event Date: May 26, 2016
Event Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

This day-long event will include:

Notable Speakers: Pat Hogan - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Office; Rick Shannon, MD - EVP for Health Affairs; Dorrie Fontaine, RN, PhD, FAAN - Dean of the School of Nursing; Kerry Abrams, J.D. - Professor of Law and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Attend for thought-provoking breakout sessions, catered breakfast, lunch, and snack, a gallery highlighting Organizational Excellence projects and other University initiatives, and separate conference workshops.

If interested, be sure to sign up ASAP. Registration is limited, and popular sessions and workshops are filling up quickly.

  • LSP Picnic

This year's LSP Picnic, sponsored by Cavalier Computers, will be held on July 21st from 12 PM - 2PM at Garden Pavilion VIII.

  • Annual Password Reset

In response to increased cyber security threats, the University will now be requiring annual individual password resets. Communications began Tuesday, April 26, 2016, and will be phased over a 5-month period. Here are several key points relevant to LSPs:

Communications to Users

"Heads-Up" Email: A "heads-up" email was sent to all those impacted on Tuesday, April 26. This email informed users that a change was coming.
Password Change Reminders: On May 3rd, ITS began phased communications to users according to when they last changed their password:

    • 28-day reminder: Users will get an email stating they have 28 days to change their password (both Eservices and permanent), along with instructions on how to do so at
    • NetBadge reminder: A NetBadge reminder will be enabled in conjunction with the 28-day email, reminding users each time they log in through NetBadge to change their password before their Eservices password expires.
    • 2-week reminder: Users will get a second email telling them they have 2 weeks to change their password before their Eservices password expires.
    • "Today" reminder: If they still haven't changed their password, users will receive a final email notification in the morning that their password will expire "today."

Other Important Items

Change to Password Rules: Can't Use the Same Password: The system will not allow users to reuse their previous password for both Eservices and permanent password.
Haven't Set Security Questions: Users (2,500+) who have not set security questions will be allowed to do so as part of the password reset process. Although they will not be required to go through the in-person ID verification process, they will have to furnish additional information in order to confirm identity and proceed to set security questions for future resets.
Medical Center Employees: Medical Center employees who have not logged in within the last 180 days (or ever) had their Eservices accounts disabled on April 1, 2016. They will still be able to use their HSTS credentials to get through NetBadge.
Users Must Go to Password Site: In order to be successful in resetting their passwords, users must change them using the password reset tool at Please encourage your users to go here — utilizing another Eservices password tool will only change their Eservices password and not their permanent password. Both will be changed when using the tool.

***** Get ahead of the annual password reset and get your users to change their password now before they leave for the summer. *****

Please let ITS know if you have any questions about the annual password change process by emailing

  • Group Policy Object (GPO) & SCCM Upgrade

Group Policy Object Template Upgrade:
On May 23, 2016 at 5:00 PM, ITS will be updating GPO (Group Policy Object) templates in the ESERVICES domain. This mandatory upgrade is required to add support for managing Windows 10 machines. Upgrading group policy templates does not affect existing GPOs and no objects will be lost; however, certain settings may have been relocated within the templates themselves. This should not be an issue for most existing objects, as Microsoft has remained consistent with the vast majority of operating system-centric settings. With application-specific settings, Internet Explorer in particular, certain settings MAY fail to apply if they have been relocated in the updated group policy template.

After the template upgrade on 5/23, owners of existing GPOs can test and verify their objects via the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). Should an affected GPO show an error, it is the responsibility of the object's owner to troubleshoot any issues with setting relocation or simply re-create the same functionality in a new GPO.

Please note that Windows 10 group policy templates will not appear unless the GPMC is launched from a Windows 10-based workstation.

SCCM Upgrade:
The ITS managed SCCM commonly referred to as "LSP-SCCM" will be upgraded to v1511 with Windows ADK 10 on May 23, 2016. The system is scheduled to be down from 12-5 PM for the upgrade, however it may not take that long to complete the upgrade. Current SCCM users will need to upgrade their boot images.

"Any boot images currently in use will continue to work, but you will be unable to add/remove components and drivers from it. A new Windows 10-based WinPE boot image will be made available which can be used to create new Configuration Manager boot images. Instructions for modifying boot images are located at"

  • Wireless Refresh Project

The final of 3 phases of wireless network refresh finished up in April. Lots of new design work was done and access points installed. We now have a great WiFi network and the project team had a "Thank-You" celebration on April 28, including t-shirts that light up when they're near an access point.

  • Integrated System Upgrade

The R12.2 upgrade to the Integrated System kicked off on Thursday, May 5, and finished up on May 9 with just a few issues. Chrome users can now access SSTL. For more details about "after the upgrade", check out changes, issues, and fixes.

2016 LSP Spring Conference

  • Congratulations 2016 IT Excellence Award Winners!

    • Dawn K. Reynolds - UVA Foundation
    • Jason Reed - UVA Intramural Sports
    • Jermaine Key - School of Medicine Help Desk
  • Congratulations 2016 LSP Pro Recipients:

    • Nicholas Alley
    • Crystal Ballif
    • Vincent Bayes
    • Susan Bryant
    • Kylie Cuthbertson
    • Lynn Davis
    • Cameron Diggs
    • Tracy Fewell
    • David Gellner
    • Lloyd Gray
    • Andrew LaRue
    • Sinisa Maricic
    • Shawn Miller
    • Wayne Murphy
    • Steve Paitsel
    • Michelle Palma Zometa
    • Jarrod Rasnake
    • Ronald Reagan
    • David Rigby
    • Thomas Rose
    • Keith Samuels
    • Jennifer Shiflett
    • Dawn E. Sprouse
    • Mary Stepanski
    • Mi Whang
  • New LSP Steering Committee Members

    LSP Steering Committee

    Current Members:

    David Stewart
    Mary Stepanski
    Jessica Humphreys (rolling off)
    Eric Seidel (rolling off)

    New Members:

    Richard Covington
    Marc Perdue

  • Email Consolidation/CMS Migration

Final migrations are in progress and the CMS is on track to be deactivated Monday, May 23. Most account holders who weren't already on the UVA Central Exchange Service had all their CMS messages moved there with their folder structure intact. With the retirement of CMS, faculty and staff will now be consolidated on one email/calendaring system.

All CMS account holders will receive a final "retirement" confirmation email upon migration completion. Emails addresses specifially to will result in bounce-backs effective May 23.

For more information, please contact

  • AWS Brokering

This project will create a process and basic infrastructure to provide:

(a) direct access to AWS for University units that are technically proficient/positioned to utilize this independently.

(b) referrals to ITS-ESaCP-brokered services for University units that are not positioned to use AWS services independently.

We plan to begin rolling out brokered services this summer. For more information, please contact Clayton Lockhart,

  • Service Request Fulfillment

Since early February, the Request Fulfillment Project team has successfully rolled out 33+ requests for services that can be made through our Service Portal (in ServiceNow). Eventually, this Service Portal will become the one-stop shop for over 100 ITS services. New releases (additional request types) will be deployed every few weeks — see below for some recent releases.

The following new service requests were rolled out on May 5, 2016:

In the Security Category:

  • Records Management
    • Records-Inquiry and Consultation: general questions
    • Records-Patterson Pope Scan-on-Demand Service (for Patterson-Pope customers only): Convert paper records to electronic format
    • Records-Offsite Storage Account Creation: create an account with a selected vendor to store boxes of physical records offsite
  • New Custom-Managed Firewall
    • Implement a new ITS-managed firewall or add firewall management services to an ITS-managed server

In the Phone Category:

  • University Telephone Service
    • Forced Authorization Code (FAC): new interactive form (replaces paper form)

The following new service requests were rolled out on April 21, 2016:

  • Hostmaster Requests
    • Domain Name: Static IP Address
    • Domain Name: Alias (CNAME Record)
    • Domain Name: Third Level
  • Change Network: Between More Secure & standard networks via network jack/outlet request
  • Add or change a port via Data Center Networking request

Links throughout ITSWeb to request all of these services have been updated to go to the Service Portal. Please let ITS know if they've missed any.

Have questions about the project? Check out the project website.

  • Office365: What's Included?

    • Exchange Online
    • Office Pro Plus
    • OneDrive
    • Other Products Being Considered (Lync, SharePoint, Delve, Yammer)
    • Discovery/Planning Engagement (~ 6 weeks) begins end of June to determine blueprint for implementation

Contact: Dana German, or Shawn Clouse,

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)

The purpose of the new Identity and Access Management Program is to ensure that the right people get access to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons — enabled by the implementation of a modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) framework — a set of business processes, policies, data governance, and supporting technologies that enable appropriate and timely creation, maintenance and use of digital identities.

What are YOUR IAM Pain Points?

  • Roles/Affiliations
  • Group Affiliations/Memberships
  • New faculty/Staff Onboarding
  • Self-Service Guest/Affiliate Sponsored Onboarding
  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • Entitlements
  • Retiree Email
  • External Collaboration
  • Others?

Contact: Dana German,

  • Attend the 2016 LSP Spring Conference? Let us know what you think!

The Conference committee strives to improve the value of the LSP Conference by providing LSPs opportunities to network, exposure to CIO leadership, and to learn about CIO area initiatives. As we all work towards continuous improvement, the Conference planning committee asks that you please take a moment to complete the Spring LSP Conference evaluation.

LSP Collective: Incident Management

May 17, 2016: Tracy Smith (Director of Service Support Operations – ITS) provided a fabulous perspective of the ITS Incident Management process and Service Request Project from the UVA Help Desk perspective.

He walked us through the process of how ITS determines the severity of a new incident from P1s to P5s, and how the team manages the incident from point of submission, to announcement, to cleanup and closeout. Tracy then introduced the audience to the ITS Service Catalog and how requests for these services are/will be moving into an automated workflow program called ServiceNow.

ServiceNow allows the requester, and those that implement the request, the opportunity to track a request as it moves through the request workflow.

Work in IT? Become an LSP!

Whether your job is 100% IT, or only involves a few IT aspects, becoming an LSP may the perfect next step in your career. Help be the voice and action for your department's IT needs! Visit the UVA LSP website for more information on the benefits of becoming an LSP.

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