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Collage of photos from the 20th 
Anniversary LSP Awards Banquet at UVA Alumni Hall

ITS would like to extend another round of thanks to the LSP Community for 20 years of service! We're so grateful for what you do every day to keep technology running around Grounds. Be sure to attend the LSP Collective on May 18th at Ruffner Hall, Room 302 LDC, and the LSP Picnic on July 20th in the Garden of Pavilion VIII!

LSP 20th Anniversary Celebration: 2017 LSP Excellence Awards

2017 LSP Excellence Award Winner Kostas Tselios 
   receives his award from CIO Virginia Evans.

Kostas Tselios, School of Medicine

Nominated by: Mary Stepanski

Kostas Tselios displays outstanding leadership qualities, tremendously high standards in customer satisfaction, and vast technical expertise. Described as the "go-to" for his entire team, Kostas is dedicated to mentoring and training less seasoned technicians, often doing on-site visits with other techs to help resolve issues. He has a huge fan-base of customers in the School of Medicine who request him specifically, as he has a solid relationship that is built on trust and loyalty with everyone he encounters. His insight and innovative ideas have influenced outcomes of critical technology issues, as well as the restructuring of the Tier model and other internal operating procedures.

In the past 8 months since this new model was implemented, the School of Medicine's Average Response Time to tickets has gone down from 12.3 hours to 3.4 hours. The Average Time to Close has gone down from 65.6 hours to 6.23 hours. The School of Medicine has a customer base of roughly 3,500, and this solution will improve efficiencies and more effective delivery of services, as well as a large reduction in resources. This LSP truly models the ASPIRE values, and passionately strives for continuous improvement at UVA.

2017 LSP Excellence Award Winner Bryan Wright 
    receives his award from CIO Virginia Evans.

Bryan Wright, Physics

Nominated by: Rick Marshall

Bryan Wright sets very high standards for the LSPs with his accomplishments in research computing, user support, code development, teaching, and security. He developed Galileo, one of the first Linux-based computer clusters at UVA, which is still active as a core research and instructional resource. As explained by a customer, "he set up and maintains 'Galileo', which represents the only serious practical resource for code development and training of graduate students and post-docs. He is invaluable." He also set up a "trouble call" tracking system, allowing for real- time traffic monitoring. He has consistently quick turn-around, even after hours, and is adept at discerning & sticking with issues until the customers' needs are met. He is an active participant at conferences, often the first to arrive and last to leave, and goes above and beyond his responsibilities to help those around him.

In addition to his dedication and positive attitude, he's also highly skilled in code development. Among other things, he wrote a web-based data management tool for administrative staff to keep information current, and crafted a web tool that took environmental data from Facilities Management to researchers at the High Energy Physics Building. He also has a PhD in Physics, and teaches the introduction to computing course to prepare Physics majors for our computational physics courses — which are, not coincidentally, taught using the Galileo cluster. Last, but not least, this LSP has long been extremely diligent dealing with security issues. In a recent survey by UVA's IT audit group, Physics was the highest-ranked of all departments surveyed in Arts and Sciences. To summarize this Bryan, here's another quote by one of his "customers": "Without fear of contradiction, I can state that his competence and general effectiveness exceeds the support we had available at MIT when I was there."

2017 LSP Excellence Award Winner Lynn Davis receives his award from CIO Virginia Evans.

Lynn Davis, Advancement

Nominated by: Julie Feathersone

Lynn Davis was described by her supervisor as "one of the most committed stewards of university resources I have encountered at UVA." Her can-do approach to keeping technical momentum moving in the right direction for fundraising efforts around Grounds make her an invaluable asset to the LSP Program and the University. She has been responsible for managing the Ellucian-hosted Advance Web relationship and overseeing the alumni/donor database for 20 of her 30 years at UVA. She is a member of University Advancement's management team, the director of the Information Systems program, and leads the UA help desk's customer service. She has also taken on responsibility for security and maintenance of servers, and has been involved with facilities oversight for the Piedmont Operation and Fontaine Research Park. In this role, she has generated innovative ideas for reducing resources and increasing customer service for Advancement and University Communications. Her Desktop and Server support plan is a game changer, is cost neutral, and will make UA technology more secure.

Her smart business approaches not only move UA to a more modern technology environment, but also position the organization to focus on Advancement-centric work that is key to succeeding in a multi-billion-dollar capital campaign. She constantly compels her staff to stretch their talents, and to do different, more mission-critical work. She is well known for untangling complexities and developing solutions that benefit the entire Advancement community, even when the solution is not easy. This LSP is resourceful and solution-oriented, committed and forward-thinking, customer service-focused, creative, and an exceptional planner and inspirational leader. Her contributions save time, resources, and improve the organization.

LSP 20th Anniversary Celebration: Lightning Rounds Recaps

  • Google VR: Peter Hedlund & Matthew Gibson

  • Google Tilt Brush: Anson Parker & Starrie Williamson

    • Anson Parker, a systems engineer at the UVA Health Science Library, and Starrie Williams, a User Experience Designer and Web Developer at the UVA Library, gave a presentation on their work with the Google Tilt Brush and Google Cardboard. To see Anson & Starrie's presentation from the LSP Banquet, and to find out more information by joining their MeetUp group, visit their Google Tilt Presentation Doc.
  • Active Power Management: The DhaaniStar Appliance @ University of Virginia Facilities Management: Chris Smeds & Joey Bailey

    • Facts about the DhaaniStar Appliance: 80% energy saving, pays for itself in one year, installs in just 30 minutes, patented technology, makes happy customers
    • 3 Stages of Trial:
      1. Power meters installed on 30 machines and data calculated over 7 day period to ensure data collection method was sufficient
      2. Data logged over two week period with existing sleep settings of 30 minutes
      3. Machines split into 3 groups of 10 and monitored for 20 days
    • 3 Groups Used:
      1. Control group — sleep settings left at default of 30 minutes
      2. Dhanni group — running Dhanni with 15 minute polling interval
      3. Aggressive Power Settings group — sleep settings changed to 5 minutes
      4. Facilities Management image of chart showing 
the DhaaniStar Appliance's reduction in energy use of kW/hr.
    • Complicating Factors:
      • Thanksgiving break
      • Sustainability department was included
      • Different peripheral setups — do peripherals count?
      • Laptops being charged elsewhere — meetings, home
    • Server Side:
      • Runs completely off of remote WMI by default
      • Requires several services to automatically start — deployed via SCCM Configuration Baseline
      • Can use PowerShell — requires Remote PowerShell to be enabled
    • Chris Smeds: or Joey Bailey:
  • LiFi: An Alternative to WiFi: Maite Brandt-Pearce & VLNComm, LLC

    • Goal: Use LED lighting for wireless communications
    • Why: Wi-Fi can't keep up with data requirements, adding density doesn't help
    • Advantages: Low extra energy usage; High data rate; High reuse rate Immune to; RFI, RF compatible; Security: Loss ~ detector area/distance^4 — If communications uses a 1 cm detector at 2 meters, it needs a 1 meter telescope at 20 meters.
    • Several different applications for Li-Fi were discussed. Please contact the speaker for more detailed information.
  • SecureUVA: Michael Grinnell

    • Phishing Simulations: There was a 12.4% decrease from the previous Fall 2016 phishing simulation in the percent of people who fell for the phishing simulation and entered their password. For more details, see the full presentation below.
    • Two-Step Login (DUO): As of April 18, 2017 (the LSP Awards Banquet), there have been 205,884 successful authentications with 2-Step Login. For more information, see the full presentation below.
    • DNS Firewall: There have been 312,998 blocked requests with the DNS Firewall.
    • SecureUVA Highlights (In-flight projects):
      • Policy Updates: Went from 26 Policies to 4 Policies; Policy Review Committee; Drafting Procedures & Standards
      • Network Segmentation & IPS: The Academic Protected Network Pilot was launched on May 10 — look for future updates from SecureUVA.
      • SecureUVA Products/Services: Access to the website and requests (made on website) currently in pilot mode with Law and UVA Library.
      • IT Risk Management: The IT Risk Management System project will switch the Risk Management Survey from every 3 years on paper to an online survey taken annually. This project is looking for at least 2 LSPs to volunteer in testing the new online platform. If you are interested in volunteering email the project team at
    • SecureUVA Highlights (In-queue projects):
      • Vulnerability/Patch Management
      • Data Loss Prevention
    • For more information, see the SecureUVA presentation (PowerPoint) from the LSP Awards Banquet.
  • 2-Step Login (Duo): Dale Dew

  • Identity & Access Management Project: Mark Cox & Dana German

    IAM Vendor Selection and Implementation
    Drafe Implementation Approach IAM
  • Office 365

      • Work Stream 1:
        Date: March-November 2017 (see chart below)
        Includes: Exchange Online; Skype for Business (3 pilots, 12 waves of varying sizes) changes to
      • Work Stream 2:
        Date: Target Completion March 2018 (see chart below)
        Includes: SharePoint Foundations; SharePoint Branding; OneDrive Activation
      • Work Stream 3:
        Date: Target Completion March 2018 (see chart below)
        Includes: Office ProPlus; SharePoint Online Activation
        Chart showing Office 365 Work
      • ITS Office 365 Webpage:
      • "Get Started" Cards: Will be provided to Primary Contacts for distribution to users in each wave. Primary contacts for each wave are now listed on the Office 365 website (NetBadge login required).
      • Targeted Email Communication: Additional Augmented Help Desk
      • Office 365 Resource Portal: Please visit the Office 365 Resource Portal (includes self-paced video tutorials and more)
      • End User Demonstrations (2-hour demos): Several two-hour end user training sessions have been scheduled; more classes will be made available ahead of future upgrade waves; see the chart below for a view of the information and "sign-up" link, available on the Office 365 Website
        Chart showing a list of Office 365 training events for UVA, including the date, time, and location of each event.
      • LSP O365 Certification Course: The Project is also making "Hands-on" training for LSPs via 2 separate "all-day" classes. The first session (Session 1, of which 5 sessions have already been completed), is dedicated to Office 365 Email/Calendar, and Skype for Business. More Session 1 classes for LSPs will be scheduled ahead of upcoming upgrade waves. Session 2 classes will cover OneDrive/SharePoint/and ProPlus offerings that are scheduled to be delivered in the Project Work Streams 2 & 3.
      • Desktop Recommendations:
        • Windows:
          -Best User Experience: Windows 10, Eservices Domain Joined, Office 2016, Cached Mode
          -Minimally Supported Configuration: Windows 7, Office 2013, Cached Mode
        • Mac:
          -Best User Experience: Mac OSX 10.11 or higher, Office 2016
          -Minimally Supported Configuration: Mac OSX 10.10, Office 2016
      • The new UPN must be used to log in to Office 365 login (including Skype for Business): Use versus eservices\computingID
      • Users will need to reconfigure mobile devices (phones, tablets) with the new UPN in their email account settings
      • If users experience difficulties/issues when logging into Outlook clients post-upgrade, they should use OWA until the client issues have been resolved: (new OWA Login link)
      • The mobile Outlook app may be downloaded and used with Office 365
      • Exchange Online comes with a mailbox quota of 100 GB
      • Users may receive errors when attempting to send messages to discussion lists. With the SMTP (From) address change, users may need to:
        • unsubscribe and re-subscribe to external email discussion lists
        • make changes for moderated Sympa lists
      • MacMail profiles/accounts will need to be removed and re-added
      • New Hires in schools/units after upgrade to O365: Existing ServiceNow request process will be revised behind-the-scenes to provision new users in the appropriate environment, based upon the wave/upgrade schedule. Correspondingly, certain aspects of the LSP tools will be de-commissioned.

LSP 20th Anniversary Celebration: Keynote Speakers, LSP Pro Awardees, and Thank Yous

  • Keynote Speaker: Dave Burhop, Deputy Commisioner & CIO, Virginia DMV, "Government IT: The Challenges and The Rewards"

    • For the past 17 years, Dave Burhop has led large divisions within various organizations, and continues to do so with the DMV. Burhop's teams have been recognized by multiple organizations, including the Harvard School of Government, Hewlett Packard, Computerworld Magazine, and many more.
    • Burhop discussed the challenges and rewards of government IT work, including: political, financial, Infrastructure Technology Partnership and the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA), social/reputational Stigmas, and Human Resources challenges, and rewards such as creating efficiencies for citizens and workers, alternate transportation, the future of the DMV, and new DMV product offerings like a mobile driver's license and smartphone apps.
    • For questions about his presentation, Dave can be reached at:
  • Keynote Speaker: Jeanne Leidtka, Professor, Darden Graduate School of Business: "Why Design Thinking?"

    • Jeanne Leidtka has been in the corporate strategy field for over 30 years. She is a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business at UVA, where she teaches both MBAs and executives, and consults on innovation, organic growth, and design thinking. She has also served as Associate Dean of the MBA Program at Darden, Executive Director of the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, and Chief Learning Officer at United Technologies Corporation. She is the author of several books, including "The Catalyst: How You Can Lead Extraordinary Growth", winner of the Business Week best innovation books of 2009; "Designing for Growth: A design thinking tool kit for managers", winner of the 1800 CEO READ best management book of 2011; and "The Physics of Business Growth."
    • Leidtka discussed evolving ideas of innovation in the workplace, and offered insight into design thinking and analysis for managers. Her presentation addressed alternative ways to problem-solve and find creative solutions, and how to use design as a problem solving approach. She explained that the value delivered by design thinking includes a tool kit for producing more creative ideas, risk management strategy, facilitating behavioral change, increasing the speed of innovation, empowering local capability building, and convening conversations for change across diverse stakeholders. She also mentioned her Specialization in Design Thinking and Innovation courses offered by the Darden Graduate School of Business.
    • Please visit UVA's Specialization in Design Thinking and Innovation website for more information.
  • LSP Pro Awardees

    Congratulations to all of the 2017 LSP Pros!
    Erica Cavanaugh
    Colleen Conner
    Stacy Diggs-Allen
    Jeffery Doughty
    Timothy Dunne
    John Gwynn
    Michael Hayton
    Robert Hewitt
    Shenika Knox
    Gary Kriebel
    Derek Leach
    Albert Lee
    Herbert Porter
    Steve Paitsel
    Monica Powell
    Philip Shen
    Steven Snider
    Daniel Stornetta
    Seiji Tanabe
    David Thomas
    Ryan Thompson
    Mary Stepanski
    Aaron Wood
  • Thanks to Everyone Who Made the LSP 20th Anniversary Banquet Possible!

    • Conference Support Staff:
      Ted Gayle, ITS Departmental Computing Support
      Bobbi Collyer, ITS Departmental Computing Support
      Kevin Duvall, ITS Departmental Computing Support
      Sandy German, ITS Customer Communications & Outreach
      Jasmin Perez, ITS Customer Communications & Outreach
      Claire LaBar, ITS Customer Communications & Outreach
      Madeline Withrow, ITS Customer Communications & Outreach
      Janet Sakell, ITS Customer Communications & Outreach
      Doug Miller, ITS Departmental Computing Support
    • Video Crew:
      Ted Gayle, ITS Departmental Computing Support
      Jasmin Perez, ITS Customer Communications & Outreach
      Claire LaBar, ITS Customer Communications & Outreach
      David Stewart, Medical Center Help Desk
      Marty Phillips, Medical Center
    • LSP Conference Steering Committee:
      David Stewart
      Mary Stepanski
      Marc Perdue
      Richard Convington

LSP 20th Anniversary Awards Celebration: Survey, Video, & Table Trivia Winner

  • Please Submit Event Survey for 2017 LSP Awards Banquet

    • Thank you again for attending the 2017 LSP Awards Banquet! The event was truly a celebration of all your hard work and contributions to UVA over the past 20 years, and we hope you enjoyed it. Your opinions are important to us, and we want to create a conference that not only meets your expectations, but also exceeds them. With that said, we ask that you fill out the quick survey below to let us know how we did.
    • Survey:
  • LSP 20th Anniversary Video Presentation

    • This year, we wanted to take a moment to recognize not only the LSPs who won awards, but each and every one of our LSP community. UVA ITS knows what an asset LSPs are to the community, and we know that all of the organizations and departments around Grounds feel the same way. Because of this University-wide appreciation, we put together a video that truly expresses everyone's gratitude for the work you do to keep IT running smoothly at UVA.
    • Video:
  • Table Trivia Winner

    • Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Table Trivia contest! Our winner, and recipient of a $25 UVA Bookstore gift card is Sinisa Maricic!
    • Here are the answers to the trivia:
      -Fitbit: 2007
      -U.S. Camera Phone: 2002
      -iPod: 2001
      -iPad: 2010

Work in IT? Become an LSP!

Whether your job is 100% IT, or only involves a few IT aspects, becoming an LSP may the perfect next step in your career. Help be the voice and action for your department's IT needs! Visit the UVA LSP website for more information on the benefits of becoming an LSP.

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