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ITS would like to give HUGE thanks to all of our LSPs for partnering with us in 2016! Your dedication, energy, and commitment make it possible for us to accomplish so much, and we can't wait to see what 2017 will bring!

LSP Collectives, Conferences, & Announcements

  • Upcoming LSP Collective

    • When: January 19, 2017 from 1 PM—3PM.
    • Where: Bavaro Hall, Room 116.
    • Join us to hear more about 2-Step Login, Crash Plan, and all of the new year's offerings from ITS!
  • LSP Pro Classes

  • 2016 LSP Picnic

    • Perfect weather, great food, and good company...that describes the LSP Picnic.
    • Check out the video here!
  • 2016 LSP Collective Highlights

    • May LSP Collective:
      • Tracy Smith (Director of Service Support Operations — ITS) provided a fabulous perspective of the ITS Incident Management process and Service Request Project from the UVA Help Desk perspective. He walked us through the process of how ITS determines the severity of a new incident from P1s to P5s, and how the team manages the incident from point of submission, to announcement, to cleanup and closeout. Tracy then introduced the audience to the ITS Service Catalog and how requests for these services are/will be moving into an automated workflow program called ServiceNow. ServiceNow allows the requester, and those that implement the request, the opportunity to track a request as it moves through the request workflow.
    • June LSP Collective:
      • Rick Downs (former EI Director — ITS) discussed the impending Shibboleth v3 upgrade and new Fortinet rollout. He provided an overview of the expectations for the Shibboleth upgrade and those services that might be affected. He also discussed the differences between our current IronPort system and the new Fortinet system.
      • Chris Ledvina and Shana Fabio advised attendees of the new features for the Service Fulfillment Project.
    • September LSP Collective:
      • ISPRO announced their Anti-Phishing Simulation and Education program, which is still active on-Grounds.
      • ISPRO also announced its upcoming 2-Step Login program, which will provide the LSP community a method for supporting their users as phased migration begins in early 2017.
      • Further plans for the Identity and Access Management Program and Office 365 were discussed, including proposed timelines and updates on UVA email. See the October LSP Newsletter for more details.
  • 2016 LSP Conference Highlights

    • LSP Spring Conference
      • Dawn Reynolds, Jason Reed, and Jermaine Key were named the 2016 IT Excellence Award Winners.
      • Richard Covington and Marc Perdue were selected to the LSP Steering Committee.
      • The Identity & Access Management Program was announced — see the May LSP Newsletter for more details.
    • LSP Fall Conference
      • The Fall LSP Conference was a resounding success with well over 170 people in attendance and overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who attended. This year's theme, "Partners in Progress", seemed to resonate throughout the conference from Virginia Evans' opening keynote speech to Dana German's Office 365 presentations.
      • We were again reminded by Ahn Nguyen-Tuong's DARPA Challenge presentation not to forget to look within our University community for brilliant ideas as the bright minds around us are abundant. This link could be useful for those who may have missed out on Anh's great presentation:
      • In closing, collaboration is a pillar to the LSP Program's success at the University. A huge thanks to the conference planning committee, the LSP steering committee, presenters, volunteers, vendors, and of course our sponsors, all of which who make the conference possible.
      • New LSP Steering Committee Members:
        • New LSP Steering Committee Members:
          • Lloyd Gray (replaced Dave Stewart)
          • Mary Stepanski (re-elected)
          • Richard Covington
          • Marc Perdue

2016/2017 ITS Updates

  • CrashPlan Release

    • The University has purchased licenses for CrashPlan, a cloud-based desktop backup service. This service is now available for use on University desktops and laptops in order to provide a simple and secure way to enable protection of University data from risks such as hardware failure and viruses/ransomware. The service can be used by all UVA-Academic Division Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students (who have University data) and Instructors. The University has a customized CrashPlan environment that utilizes NetBadge authentication and provides the University with capabilities such as legal hold for data that is stored in the environment. To utilize the service, simply download the appropriate customized installer for your platform from the UVA Software Gateway and use it to install the software on the devices that you manage. Because CrashPlan is a cloud-based service, it can back up and restore data for systems located on- and off-Grounds. In addition, it can be used for related tasks such as migrating data from an old PC to a new one. To get more information about CrashPlan, including FAQs, installation instructions and links to installers, please visit the ITS CrashPlan website.
  • JointVPN Full-Tunnel

    • For security reasons, the State Auditor of Public Accounts required users to run the Joint VPN in full tunnel mode. Over 5,000 people were migrated from split tunnel to full tunnel during the first few weeks of December, meeting the State Auditor's deadline of Dec. 31, 2016. Congrats to project manager Mike Higginbotham and the rest of the project team!
  • Traveler-based Eduroam

    • UVA is participating in eduroam, which is used by many educational institutions as a secure way to offer WiFi to campus visitors from other participating institutions. eduroam can be implemented in several ways: as a visitor-based system, as a traveler-based system, or as both. Currently, eduroam as a visitor-based system is in testing at UVA, but our participation enables UVA faculty, researchers, and study-abroad students to have access to eduroam's tens of thousands of "hotspots" in over 70 countries as travelers. For more information, please visit the UVA eduroam website.
  • ITS VPN Services' Connection Process

    • On Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016, UVA users authorized to use our VPN services and networks started having to "accept" usage terms each time they connect. This applied to all ITS VPN services (UVaAnywhere, Joint, More Secure Network). This change occurred because, when using UVA networks, members of the University community do so under the terms of Responsible Computing and other University policies. In order to prosecute unauthorized users who access our systems, we must provide notice that access to UVA networks is for authorized UVA use only.
    • Note: This change is unrelated to the Joint VPN full tunnel migrations that began on Nov. 29, 2016 through mid-December, and did not affect the operation of any VPN services and the network access they provide.
  • Office 365 Planning

    • Office 365 combines cloud-based versions of the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with Microsoft's communications and collaboration services — including Microsoft Exchange Online (Email/Calendaring), SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and Microsoft OfficeProPlus — to help users be productive from virtually anywhere. Here at UVA, the Office 365 project is well underway and ITS is preparing for migration of faculty/staff mailboxes, etc. to the Cloud. Office 365 functionality will be deployed in three separate work streams. A project website and additional information regarding specific migration schedules will be coming soon!
      • Work Stream 1 (Pilot migration groups slated for March and April; Full migration is tentatively slated for May through November)
        • Exchange Online (Email/Calendaring)
        • Skype for Business
      • Work Stream 2 (TBD)
        • OneDrive Activation
      • Work Stream 3 (TBD)
        • OfficeProPlus SharePoint Online Activation
  • UIU Purchased

    • ITS was invited to team with the UVA Health System Information Technology (HIT) team and their volume purchase agreement for UIU (Universal Imaging Utility — Big Bang Software — ITS connected with many departments who expressed interest in the UIU software product and executed a volume purchase in late November 2016. If you are interested in UIU software, please contact for more information.
  • Service Request Updates

    • The following requests were introduced in November and December 2016:
      • users (who don't have an LSP) to create, modify, or delete
        • an Exchange resource calendar (allows scheduling of vehicles, rooms, equipment, etc.)
        • an Exchange shared calendar
      • LSPs to ask for access to SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) to centrally manage their users' computers.
      • New ITS-managed server(s)
      • Authentication for applications using NetBadge integration
      • ITS-managed servers upgrade or maintenance
    • Check the list for specific requests. Have questions about the project? Contact the project manager.
  • Changes to Public LDAP Access

    • In the interest of protecting student privacy, the University will be limiting access to the Public LDAP effective Wednesday, February 1. At that time, direct access to the Public LDAP will be limited so it can only be accessed from known UVA IP-Space (excluding guest IPs) and the IP space of known valid users. For users physically located at UVA or for applications that run from UVA servers, there should be no impact. One notable change is that users will have to use VPN to access Public LDAP from off Grounds.

2016 ITS Accomplishments

  • Shibboleth Upgrade

    • ITS upgraded Shibboleth on July 18, 2016. For a list of UVA applications using the Shibboleth protocol, please see this list. If you identify problems with any application on the list, please email us and include any errors or other diagnostic information related to the failure(s).
  • Qualtrics Released

    • Students, faculty, and staff University-wide can now access a leading research and data collection tool for their teaching, research, and administrative purposes.
      • New Users: Welcome! To begin accessing Qualtrics, head over to the Qualtrics About Page to learn more about what data can be stored where in the system. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.
      • Current Users of Qualtrics in their school/department: Several departments across Grounds currently have Qualtrics licenses. Over the next few months, users of existing departmental licenses will be informed of an impending downtime, and will then be moved into the central portal for Qualtrics. If you are an affected party, you will receive a message concerning this migration process from your local school/departmental administrator.
  • Integrated System moved to ITSWeb

  • CMS Migration Completed

    • The Email Consolidation Project, also referred to as the "Retirement of the Central Mail Service (CMS)," is complete. Final migrations were finished and the access to the CMS was deactivated on May 23, 2016. CMS users migrated to the UVA Central Exchange Service had all of their CMS messages moved with their CMS folder structure intact. With the retirement of the CMS, we now have a single, centrally-supported email system.
  • Wireless Upgrade Project Completed

  • Annual Password Reset Process Initiated

    • By now, you've probably heard about the new requirement to change your Eservices/permanent password once per year. Messages to the 31,000+ folks who haven't changed their passwords in 2016 went out on Tuesday, April 26. Don't worry if you missed it. You will receive NetBadge and email reminders when it's time for you to change. If you want to take care of it right now, you can start on the ITSWeb homepage. There's a link under "Change Your Password."
  • ISPRO Conference Door Prize

    • Although Ted Gayle won the ISPRO Conference door prize, it ended up in the hands of LSP Justin Wood. We think he did this Lego Porsche 911 justice!





SecureUVA Updates

  • Central SecureUVA Website Established

    • A central website has been established to serve as the main hub for the SecureUVA Security Enhancement Program. Visit the site at for updates, announcements, and a timeline for SecureUVA.
  • Anti-Phishing Simulation and Education

    • The first wave of phishing simulations has been completed. The purpose of these exercises is to educate faculty, staff, and students to recognize fundamental components of a phishing email. The data gathered from this effort is being analyzed and will yield, among other info, where to concentrate education efforts in the future. The second wave of simulation exercises will begin in early 2017.
    • Project Manager: Khadijah Hamilton
  • 2-Step Login for NetBadge-Protected Resources

    • As you know, ISPRO and ITS have implemented a 2-Step Login process as added security for NetBadge-protected resources, and staff from both groups piloted it. The transition for faculty and staff to 2-Step Login will come in phases in 2017. However, with W-2s becoming available online atthe end of January in the Integrated System (IS), and IS going behind NetBadge just before that, we have created an opt-in process for users who want to take advantage of 2-Step Login as soon as possible.
    • Project Manager: Dale Dew
  • DNS Firewall

    • ITS' DNS (Domain Name Server) servers will begin utilizing a DNS firewall to block access to malicious websis. This firewall was implemented on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016. The DNS server will check every request against a constantly updated database of known bad domains and IP addresses, and will be configured to be increasingly more protective for users through Spring 2017.
    • Requests to look up known bad domains/IPs receive a special response which redirects the requester to a warning page rather than the malicious site. If a user feels the website is being wrongly blocked, s/he should contact the UVA Help Desk.
    • For more information about the project, please see the project webpage at (NetBadge login required) and the service changes page at
    • To test what users will see if they try to access a known malicious site, please go to: They may initially see a red Google block page. If they click "Details" and then "Visit this unsafe site," they'll see the orange UVA block page.
    • Project Manager: Dale Dew
  • Managed Security Services (MSS) Phase 1

    • MSS Phase 1 rolled out to the University community July 2016. “Detect to Protect” is at the core of this iniive and has improved the monitoring and protection of ITS-contracted physical and virtual machines that are part of the academic IT infrastructure and connected to the UVA network.
    • Specific parts of the managed security service that have been deployed include:
      • Application whitelisting
      • Malware detection and event recording
      • Intrusion prevention/detection
      • Security scanning services and reporting
      • Improved DNS servers for anti-phishing and black-holing
      • For critical/high risk servers:
        • A managed security operations center, provided by a third-party
        • Advanced log aggregation and analysis
  • Managed Security Services (MSS) Phase 2

    • This project phase will expand the solutions verified in the MSS Phase 1 project, as well as other security options, as an offering to IT groups outside of ITS. The goal of the project is to create processes and procedures to allow external schools/units to utilize the additional protection provided by this service.

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