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Joining the UVaCollab UVa Want Ads Site

With the retirement of the Usenet network news service in 2007, access to the popular local newsgroup, uva.want-ads, was discontinued. A UVaCollab joinable group named "UVa Want Ads", which requires that you log in using your UVa computing ID and password, or your UVa Digital Certificate (via NetBadge), was created. This UVaCollab site is UVa-controlled and access is restricted for your security. It is free of commercial ads; only community ads and announcements may be posted.

Other non-UVa-associated alternatives to uva.want-ads include:

Join the UVaCollab "UVa Want Ads" Site

  1. Browse to
  2. Click the UVa Login button.
  3. Enter your computing ID (the first part of your email address, what precedes and password for one of the types of accounts listed on the NetBadge authentication screen.
  4. On the My Workspace tab, click on Membership in the lefthand column.
  5. Click on Joinable Sites at the top of the view.
  6. Find UVa Want Ads in the list of joinable sites. (It is currently on the last "page" of groups.)
  7. Click the Join link under the site title to join the site.
  8. Navigate to the UVa Want Ads site in the blue site navigation bar.
  9. Use the Want Ads link in the left menu to read and post ads.

You may use your Eservices password in order to authenticate to UVaCollab via NetBadge. If you don't know it, or have forgotten it, you may access it through

If further assistance is needed, please contact the UVa Help Desk.

  Page Updated: 2012-02-16