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UVaAnywhere-Lite WebVPN

About UVaAnywhere-Lite

What the WebVPN Is & What It Can Do for You

Some Web-based resources at UVa, including many online library journals and software downloads, are normally accessible only if your computer is physically located on Grounds and connected to the University network. The WebVPN, UVaAnywhere-Lite, enables UVa students and employees to access these restricted resources from off-Grounds, using just a Web browser.

By connecting to UVaAnywhere-Lite WebVPN, you can access UVa-restricted websites without a proxy server and encrypt the information sent and received in your Web browser.

The Difference between UVaAnywhere & UVaAnywhere-Lite

UVaAnywhere-Lite is not a full replacement for the standard UVaAnywhere VPN service:

  • The full UVaAnywhere VPN service provides an on-Grounds IP address for all applications on your computer, thereby protecting all network traffic, whether or not it is Web-based, between your machine and the UVa network. In contrast, the WebVPN UVaAnywhere-Lite only provides an on-Grounds IP address for your Web browser.
  • The full UVaAnywhere VPN service is based on installable client software, whereas the WebVPN UVaAnywhere-Lite runs entirely inside your Web browser.

If you require VPN access, you should install and use the full UVaAnywhere service where possible, and use UVaAnywhere-Lite when you need to access only Web-based resources.

To Use UVaAnywhere-Lite

Before Using the WebVPN

Before using UVaAnywhere-Lite, you first need a personal digital certificate installed in the Web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox) of the computer you will use off Grounds.

  • If you have already configured your computer to connect to UVa’s encrypted wireless network cavalier on Grounds, you probably already have a personal digital certificate installed in your browser.
    • Tip: Test this by clicking the link below to begin using the WebVPN. If you are shown a webpage with a login box and a message about a personal digital certificate required for authentication, then you know you do not have one installed yet for your browser.
  • If you need to get a personal digital certificate installed in your browser, run ITS’s Network Setup Tool, which will automatically install one into your computer’s Web browser(s) for you.

Connect to UVaAnywhere-Lite WebVPN Now

Once you have a certificate in your browser, you may begin using UVaAnywhere-Lite WebVPN » (Note that you can connect successfully only from off-Grounds.)

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