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The Cisco VPN (Virtual Private Network) at UVa

Access to Secure UVa Resources

What is the UVa VPN Service?

The UVa Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provides secure, authenticated access to on-Grounds network resources. Using the VPN service, authorized users can access protected UVa applications and resources normally limited to on-Grounds use. When you are connected to a UVa VPN service, network traffic between your system and the VPN service is encrypted to protect it from electronic eavesdropping.

To use the Cisco VPN with UVa networks and services, you must use the UVa-specific Cisco VPN software.

VPN Client Software: UVa Profiles

The AnyConnect installer includes all three of the UVa VPN profiles you may need:

Provides an off-Grounds connection to resources that normally require you to be on Grounds to use them; e.g., Library resources, the UVa Home Directory Service, the Exchange Server, servers restricted by departments, etc. Requires a current personal digital certificate be installed on your device. Usable from off-Grounds only.
Joint VPN
Enables academic users to access high-security network resources from on or off Grounds. Individual resources require additional permissions and a UVa Identity Token. Also requires a high assurance certificate be installed on your device.
UVa More Secure Network
Enables access for faculty and staff to resources protected by the More Secure Network, from on- or off-Grounds. Requires a current personal digital certificate be installed on your device.

Using the Cisco VPN with Windows & Mac

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Using the Cisco VPN with Other OSes

  • iOS: If you want to use iOS to connect to UVa using the Cisco VPN, you will need to install the Cisco AnyConnect app from the Apple iTunes Store. For instructions, see our page on Installing & Configuring Cisco AnyConnect for iOS.
    • NOTE that the built-in iOS VPN client no longer works with UVaAnywhere; you will need to use the Cisco client instead.
  • Linux: ITS does not support the VPN for Linux.

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