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Video Over IP Encoder Service

InStream Video Player Instructions

To begin your Video Furnace Video over IP session, open your Java enabled Web browser to the Video Furnace launch page, and click on the InStream player icon.

Installing the VideoFurnace Player Applet

When you open the Video Furnace launch page, a message will pop up asking you for permission to accept the security certificate for the page and run the installation applet. Grant permission.

The Video Furnace InStream Viewer Interface

When the video applet runs, it produces a program guide window that looks like this:

The window contains several frames and a toolbar (“Dashboard”) for selecting channels, getting program listing information, configuring viewer settings, etc. The overlay below indicates the functions of the different frames.

The Video Furnace Dashboard

The Dashboard displays the controls used for viewing:

Many of the controls are similar to those on a standard video equipment:

  • Play and Stop buttons to start and stop the broadcast.
  • A Volume slider with a mute button to control sound.
  • The + and - channel buttons allow channel selection. (Channels are listed in the OnGuide Program Schedule—see below. You can also select channels directly in the OnGuide frame.) Clicking the CH button returns you to the channel you previously viewed.

Click the button labeled “i” to display information about your current viewing session, including signal reception status and revision information.

OnGuide Program Schedule

To view the programming schedule for a channel, click once on the channel in the listing (blue frame at left). The schedule for that channel appears in the black frame on the right. Click on a program title in the schedule to view a description of the program.

Viewing A Channel

Select a channel for viewing by double-clicking on the channel name in the listing. When you select a channel, the program schedule displays the current broadcast, and the video stream appears in the preview window.

TV Mode

In TV Mode, the video plays using the entire InStream window below the Dashboard. To switch from OnGuide Mode (shown above) and TV Mode, click the TV button on the Dashboard, or click the Watch TV button beneath the preview frame.

You can toggle between live TV and Program Guide views in any of the following ways:

  • Double-click a video in TV mode to switch to OnGuide view.
  • Toggle between the two views with Ctrl-G (Cmd-G on a Mac).
  • Right-click on the InStream window (Ctrl-click on a Mac) to display a context menu that offers a variety of video controls, including the option to change views.

You can also resize your player window by clicking and dragging the green handle in the lower right-hand corner (Mac) or any corner or window border (MS Windows or Linux).

Ending Your Viewing Session

To end your channel session, click on the “x” button in the top right corner of the player window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Following is a table of InStream keyboard shortcuts for MS windows. For Macintosh, substitute the Apple key for the Ctrl key.

Feature Shortcut Feature Shortcut
OnGuide / TV <Ctrl><G> Info Cycle <Ctrl><I>
Channel Up <Ctrl><Up Arrow> Dashboard On / Off <Ctrl><D>
Channel Down <Ctrl><Down Arrow> Minimize Screen <Ctrl><0>
Volume Up <Ctrl><Right Arrow> Small Screen <Ctrl><1>
Volume Down <Ctrl><Left Arrow> Medium Screen <Ctrl><2>
Mute <Ctrl><M> Large Screen <Ctrl><3>
Channel Jump <Return/enter> Full Screen <Alt><Enter>
Brightness Down <F1> Brightness Up <F2>
Contrast Down <F4> Contrast Up <F3>
Contrast/Brightness Reset <F5> Fixed Aspect On/Off <Ctrl><A>
Closed Caption 1 On/Off <Ctrl><H> Thumbnail Toggle <Ctrl><Q>
Closed Caption 3 On/Off <Shift><Ctrl><H> Stop/Pause <Down Arrow>
Play <Up Arrow> Tune Channel Number <000..999><Enter>
Sleep Timer(15/30/45Off) <Ctrl><S> OnGuide Font Size <Ctrl>Mouse Wheel
Program Description <Ctrl><P> Quit <Ctrl><Q>

  Page Updated: 2012-02-16