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More Secure Network (MSN)

Implementing the Migration

Steps for Implementing Your Migration Plan

It is generally recommended that user workstations be moved before servers; therefore, the steps below begin with the workstations.

  1. Double-check users who are staying on the standard UVa network and need to access servers that are being moved to the MSN have obtained a MSN VPN.
  2. Review the email from Hostmaster to reaffirm the date and time of the move.
  3. Configure Your Workstations.
    • Perform a full anti-virus scan.
    • Enable real-time virus scanning.
    • Install all critical Windows updates.
    • Configure to get IP and DNS from the DHCP server.
    • Configure to use WINS and/or LMHOST.
    • Provide user with a copy of the User Responsibilities for Machines On the MSN.
  4. Move your workstations.
    • Determine time for the move.
    • For each group of workstations being moved repeat the steps below:
      1. Prior to scheduled move time
        • Insure that workstations are powered on and have active network connections.
        • If a firewall applications is running on a workstation, turn it off.
      2. Log onto '' and make the move.
      3. After move
        • Release/Renew IP (or reboot).
        • Test that applications work.
  5. Move your servers.
    • If you have a firewall application running on a server and the server needs to connect to your workstations that are on the MSN, then the firewall must be configured to allow connections from the MSN.
    • If you are moving Windows Active Directory, follow the detailed steps you reviewed (link to document) when planning your move.

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