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More Secure Network (MSN)

Application Compatibility

Applications Tested on the More Secure Network
Application Initial Test LSP Test Notes
Directory Access (LDAP) pass pass  
Email Access (IMAP) pass pass Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.
Email Access (POP) pass pass Thunderbird
Email Access (SMTP) pass pass Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.
FTP pass pass  
Home Directory Service (NFS) - -  
Home Directory Service (SMB) pass -  
Nameserver and Dynamic Addressing (DNS/DHCP) pass pass  
NBStat pass pass  
NetMeeting Video Conferencing pass pass works for conferencing, not for desktop
Network File System (NFS) - -  
News (Usenet News Reading via NNTP) - -  
Symantec (Norton) Antivirus Live Update pass pass  
QuickTime Streaming Media pass pass  
RealNetworks® Streaming pass pass  
Secure Shell (SSH) pass pass including SecureCRT, SecureFX, SCP, etc.
TFTP pass -  
Telnet pass pass  
UDP Time pass -  
UNIX printing (LPR) pass -  
VPN (IPSec) pass pass use TCP transparent tunnel mode
Web Access (HTTP) pass pass  
Web Access (HTTPS) pass pass  
Whois pass pass  
Windows Domain Login pass pass  
Windows Media streaming pass pass  
Windows Terminal Services pass pass  
Windows Update pass pass  
Windows drive mapping pass pass  
Windows printing pass pass  
X Windows pass - tunnel X session in SSH; for eXceed use Secure Connection mode

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