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LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Public LDAP Information for UVA Developers

Accessing the UVA Public LDAP Service

  • Servers: Not in the UVA-IP Address Space, Off-Grounds, not on UVA Network
    • Request and receive permission to access information by submitting the Public LDAP Access Request (through the UVA Service Portal; requires Eservices account and credentials)
  • Client Software
    • If access is from off-Grounds, you must use the VPN. No access restrictions to UVA community while on the UVA network.
    • LDAP Server Name:
    • Search base (or Search root): o=University of Virginia,c=US

LDAP Field Names

The LDAP database uses a different set of names to describe information than those used in the UVA User Database. LDAP uses a standard schema to describe informational fields. The following table describes the various fields available through the UVA User Database and through LDAP, as well a giving a brief description of each field:

whois field LDAP field Description
Name cn Full name of the user. The UVA User Database only carries a user’s official name from administrative records. LDAP carries both the official name and any names from the University telephone directory.
Mailid/Handle uid The user’s University computing ID. The user database automatically assigns a unique computing ID to each person for use on many of the University’s computer systems. The system generates the ID from the user’s initials plus a digit followed by one or two random letters, such as mst3k.
Unix Uid UnixUid A unique numerical ID that UNIX-based systems use in addition to your computing ID for your account.
Classification description A field describing the user’s affiliation with the University as derived from administrative records.
Department ou The department in which the user works or the primary school of attendance for students. ou means Organizational Unit to the LDAP server. Because of the size of some schools, such as the College of Arts and Sciences, the LDAP database subdivides students into pseudo-subdepartments based upon the course mnemonic and the first letter of the user’s last name. For example, a student with the last name of Jones in the School of Engineering would have a department name of School of Engineering-jseas.
Office Phone telephoneNumber University office telephone number. This field can contain up to two telephone numbers.
Fax Phone OfficeFax
Fax number for the user. LDAP carries this information twice because some clients look in the officefax field for this information while others look in the facsimileTelephoneNumber field.
Pager Number pager User’s pager number. A UVA User Database search may also have a PIC number associated with this entry, which the University Hospital paging system uses. The LDAP database does not currently carry user’s PIC numbers.
Mobile Phone mobile Cellular or other type of mobile phone number.
Home Phone homephone Home telephone number for University faculty and staff.
Registered Email Addr mail
The mailForwardingAddress field in LDAP contains the account and machine name that the user specified for this service. Members of the University community can use the Email Address Management System to manage their UVA email addresses, including directing where their UVA email messages should be delivered.
Email Alias mailAlternateAddress System-wide aliases usually appear in the form of or (e.g. or Members of the University community can use the Email Address Management System to manage their UVA email addresses, including requesting email aliases.
Department Address postalAddress The official University address for a particular department. This address is for internal mail (Messenger Mail) and for external (U.S.) mail.
Office Address physicalDeliveryOfficeName A University building or a U.S. mail address at which the user can receive printed mail.
Room roomNumber The room number in a particular building in which the user works.
N/A cn The LDAP CommonName field. This field provides a unique identifier for each user entry in the LDAP database. This field contains the user’s official name, University computing ID, department name, and the name of the University.
N/A objectclass An LDAP internal field that describes the type of entry.
N/A title Title information from the University printed directory for faculty and for staff.
N/A sn A field containing just the user’s official surname from administrative records.
N/A givenName A field containing just the user’s first official name from administrative records.
N/A initials A field containing just the user’s official middle name from administrative records.
N/A generationQualifier A field containing just the user’s official name suffix (e.g. Jr.) from administrative records.
N/A jpegPhoto A binary jpeg file which contains a photo uploaded by the user.
N/A PreferredEmailAddress The email address the user prefers you to use when sending him or her email.
N/A AOLInstMessHandle The America OnLine Instant Messenger handle for this user.
N/A MSNInstMessHandle The Microsoft Network (MSN) Instant Messenger handle for this user.
N/A labeledUri The URL of this user’s home page.
N/A userCertificate The public key for a user’s UVA Standard Assurance personal digital certificate.

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