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UVa Proxy Server

Access Restricted Resources Remotely

Some University of Virginia resources, such as library materials, online databases, news resources, and downloadable software, have license restrictions that limit their use to the University community. You can access these restricted resources only if your computer is physically on Grounds or, if you are working remotely, through an off-Grounds option to access restricted UVa resources, such as the proxy server.

For First-Time Users of the UVa Proxy Server

  • If you are a student, faculty, or staff member of the University: No special configuration or account required; simply sign into the UVa Proxy Server using your NetBadge login.
  • If you are not a member of the UVa community: If you are allowed access to the proxy service but do not have an ITS or Health System computing account, an alternate login method will ask for other identifying information. Use the same proxy sign-in link as above.

Note: You do not have to switch your proxy settings every time you log on, depending on whether you are on or off-Grounds. The proxy server automatically recognizes whether you are directly connected to the UVa network, and acts accordingly.

For Returning Users of the Proxy Server

If you were using the UVa proxy server prior to May 15, 2012, you will notice a few differences now that the new proxy server provided by EZproxy is in place:

  • You now sign into the UVa Proxy Server using your NetBadge login.
  • You no longer have to configure your Web browser on either your computer or mobile device.
  • You may need to update your bookmarks to restricted materials. Simply add the following string to the front of your URL:
    So for instance,
    will become
  • While not essential, you may wish to remove your old proxy configuration settings.

Proxy “Accounts”

The preferred login method for the proxy service is via NetBadge. You may log into NetBadge with your digital certificate (a faster, more secure method) or with a password on a compatible system.

If you are allowed to access to the proxy service but do not have an ITS or HSCS computing account (e.g., Medical Center Preceptors, visiting medical students, and other Health System affiliates), an alternate login method will ask for other identifying information, which may include your University ID number. If you need assistance with creating or modifying your proxy account, contact the UVa Help Desk.

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