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LDAP & People Search

About Lightweight Directory Access Protocol at UVA

About LDAP at UVA

LDAP, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, provides information about individuals in a community; LDAP servers are the type of servers that make up a community’s “user database.” LDAP servers can be:

  • private, containing personal information about members of a community that must be secured, or
  • public, containing information that is more “common knowledge”, so that members of a community are able to look one another up as needed.

At the University of Virginia, we have both public and private LDAP servers. The LDAP servers are updated nightly with data from the UVA User Database, keeping it up-to-date with any changes. The University’s LDAP database does not link in with other LDAP databases on the Internet, meaning that our database can only return information about the University community.

Public LDAP & People Search

The Public LDAP service at UVA is a directory of publicly-accessible information about UVA people, containing a subset of the available data in the UVA User Database. The UVA People Search is a Web application that uses the Public LDAP server to enable people to look up registered email addresses, office phone numbers, etc., for faculty and staff within the UVA community. The UVA People Search does not return student information. If you are a member of the University community and looking for student data, you will have the option to click a button on the results page that says "Find All People (Login Req)" and it will prompt you to log in via NetBadge. UVA users who have elected to make all their information private do not appear in this search.

Private LDAP

The Private LDAP service at UVA is a directory containing almost all the information from the UVA User Database about all active members of the University community. Authority to access information about UVA people is determined on an application-by-application basis. Many University Web applications protected by the NetBadge service need access to the Private LDAP service to determine whether a user is a student or faculty/staff member, and is authorized to view the webpage they are requesting.

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