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Network Registration

Guest Access to the UVA Wired Network

Guests of the University may access UVA’s wired, Ethernet network if they have been registered through the Network Registration website by a sponsor with a UVA computing ID.

You may also wish to see Guest access to the UVA wireless network.

Sponsors: Sponsorship Options for Guest Wired Connections

Sponsors are the contact for any security or policy concerns related to their guests’ use of the temporary access issued under the sponsor’s name.

Sponsors can register guests in one of two ways:

  1. UVA faculty, staff, and students can register their guest’s wired connection via the Network Registration website.
  2. Group administrators can generate a PIN that is then used by the guest to access the registration system and complete the automatic registration information. These PINs will expire 31 days after creation if they are unused. (You must be a NetReg Group administrator to generate a PIN.)

Wired Guest Access Expiration

Guest registrations are available for 7, 30, or 130 days and will expire after the elapsed number of days starting from the registration date.

Optionally, the Group Administrator or the UVA-affiliated person who created the guest registration may delete it before the expiration date. Departments needing to generate large numbers of PINs at once (for conferences, institutes, etc.) should carefully consider the best method for distributing PINs and identifying PIN owners.

Guests: Instructions for Connecting to the Wired Network

  • Your UVA-affiliated sponsor can register your device for you using the UVa Network Device Registration;
  • Or, you may register your computer or device on our network yourself, using Guest Network Registration and a PIN provided by your UVA-affiliated sponsor. The guest registration page will prompt you for the PIN, and will display the MAC (network) address of the device you are currently using.

As a guest of the University it is expected that you use the network in a legal and ethical fashion. Review UVA's Computer Usage Policy and abide by its principles.

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