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Network Registration

Info for Group Administrators

Group Administration within Network Registration

People (like LSPs) who are responsible for groups of machines in a department or who grant access to the network can request access to a set of tools within the Network Registration website that allow them to:

  • add members to a network registration group;
  • list/manage members in a network registration group;
  • browse/search/edit device registrations within a network registration group;
  • add group-owned device registrations;
  • export group information to a text file; and
  • replace group information from an external data file.

Request Group Administrator Access to Network Registration Tools

To be designated as a Network Registration Group Administrator and obtain access to the associated tools, you must agree to the terms and conditions in the Request access to the NetReg tool, group administrator additions/removals, and group creation/deletion form. Your supervisor must approve the request.

Complete the request for each group administrator.

What is a Group Administrator?

Group Administrators, who must be approved by their department, have the ability to use several network registration tools to define group members and machines that are owned or administered by the department. They also have the ability to:

  • add and remove members;
  • browse, search and edit information associated with all devices in the group;
  • add group-owned devices via bulk update or individually; and
  • export group information to a text file.

A Group Administrator can administer multiple groups, and there can be multiple Group Administrators for any one group. These group administrator tools are available from the View all options link on the UVa Network Device Registration/Administrative and User Actions Web page.

Recommendations for Group Administrators

  • Using the Group Admin feature rather than the LSP’s own name - In many cases, it is preferable for a department to use the Group Administration feature rather than having the LSP register each departmental device in his or her own name. If all devices are registered to an LSP who changes departments, the LSP must reassign the devices to someone else. If the LSP leaves the University, the devices will become unregistered when the LSP’s computing ID is dropped from the Whois database. On the other hand, if an LSP is designated as a Group Administrator and that LSP leaves the department, it is only necessary to assign a new Group Administrator to take responsibility for that group of devices.
  • Naming more than one Group Admin - ITS recommends that there be at least two Group Administrators for each group so that more than one person is notified in the event of a security issue with a particular machine. This allows for backup coverage in the event that one of the Group Administrators is out sick or on vacation. A mailing list should be set up for Group Administrator notifications.
  • Filling in optional information - Registration information includes the optional fields: asset number, serial number, and a “notes” field. Filling in these additional fields provide departments and Group Administrators with the ability to differentiate and better track devices they administer. This information can also be used by the department for inventory and asset management. Group Administrators can download group data to a text file which can then be imported into a database, spreadsheet, or word processor, etc. for various purposes.

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