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Network Registration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about “NetReg”

Answers to FAQs about Network Registration

What is network registration and why must devices at UVA be registered?

Network Registration is an online database which ITS uses to gather contact information for every device that connects to the University network. By requiring network registration, ITS ensures that all devices on the UVA network can be traced back to a UVa-affiliated person, making solving security problems much easier.

Which devices need to be registered?

Any device that gets its IP address via one of ITS’s DHCP servers must be registered to gain access to the network. In other words, registration is required for all computers as well as tablets, smartphones, TiVos, Xboxes, PlayStations, iPod Touches, etc. connecting to the UVA wireless and/or wired networks.

Unsupported Devices *Note: While all Ethernet devices must be registered in order to connect to the University’s wired and wireless networks, game consoles and streaming video servers (Xbox, Playstation, Roku, Apple TV, etc.) are unsupported by the UVA Help Desk.

The only devices which do not require network registration are:

  • wired, Ethernet devices with static IP addresses (e.g., servers and printers) are not required to register (although they may optionally be registered); and
  • devices belonging to short-term University guests using wireless (their registrations are handled separately).
How do I register a device?
Devices can be registered in one of several ways. As a general rule, whenever you first connect an unregistered device to the UVA network and open up a Web browser, you will be automatically directed to register your device. More specifically:
  • Connecting your Windows or Mac computer or iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) for the first time via the Welcome_to_UVA_Wireless network: You will be auto-directed to the ITS Network Setup Tool (NST), which registers your device for you as it configures your device for wireless access.
  • Connecting any another type of mobile device to UVA wireless, or connecting your computer or device via a wired, Ethernet connection: You will be auto-directed to the Network Registration website whenever you open a Web browser. The auto registration function will allow the system to harvest your device’s physical/hardware address automatically (without you having to look it up and type it in), and will prompt you to complete the registration process.
  • Connecting a device that has no Web interface: You will need to find your device’s MAC address—see how to determine your network address—and then manually go to the Network Registration website and register the device, entering the address you just looked up.
  • Registering device(s) for others: LSPs can log into the Network Registration website to manage device inventory and ownership as needed.
Do University guests have to register devices?
See University guests & the UVA wireless network and University guests & the wired network.
What happens when I leave the University?

Information from Human Resources and the Registrar’s Office is used to delete all instances of a person’s computing ID once s/he leaves the University.

Devices registered to an individual will be purged from the Network Registration system. Devices registered to a group will remain associated with the group, but the individual user’s information will be stripped shortly thereafter.

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