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Network Registration

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About UVA Network Registration

ITS requires all devices connecting to the University wired and wireless network be registered in ITS’s database. This policy enables ITS to track down compromised or “hacked” machines quickly, minimizing damage done not only to those machines, but also to others on the University network as well.

Network regisration enables ITS to identify and contact the appropriate person if a device causes network problems or, if necessary, to disconnect the device from the University network until the problem is resolved. More timely problem resolution means shorter downtimes and shorter periods of degraded network performance for all users at UVA.

Log into UVA Network Registration through NetBadge to register a device, or to check and/or update an existing device's registration.

Guest Access to the University Network

Sponsored guests of the University may access the UVA network:

More Information about Network Registration

  Page Updated: 2017-12-22