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NetBadge at UVA

Be Cautious of NetBadge Phishing Scams

Protect Yourself When Logging Into NetBadge

Always verify that you are on the real UVA NetBadge page first!

Cybercriminals may try to trick you into revealing your UVA password by presenting a fake, lookalike NetBadge page. The real URL for UVA's NetBadge service

To check that the NetBadge screen you see is real:

  1. Look at the NetBadge URL in the top of your Web browser. The address should match the one pictured above, meaning it should:
    1. include an s (as in https), and
    2. match this URL exactly:
  2. If you notice any discrepancy from the official NetBadge URL, do not continue. This is the only URL you should trust. Accept no imitations, as they may indicate a phishing scam targeting members of the UVA community!
  3. Email to let them know if you suspect a scam.

For Added Security, Use Your Digital Certificate to Log In

If you make it a habit to use your digital certificate to log into NetBadge whenever you are on your own computer, you are less likely to fall for NetBadge scams, which tend to rely on people typing (and thereby giving up to a cybercriminal) their username and password.

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