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How to Log Out of NetBadge

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Quickly Log Out from NetBadge

Otherwise, please read the info below.

How to Fully Log Out of the NetBadge Service

To prevent others from accessing your personal information and from visiting websites using your UVA NetBadge as if they were you, always fully log out of NetBadge when you are finished. To fully log out:

  1. Log out of the NetBadge-protected website(s) you were using.
  2. Then completely close and exit your Web browser.

How to Exit Most Common Web Browsers

Platform Web Browser How To Exit Completely
Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer Click the X in the top right-hand corner of all open Internet Explorer windows, or from the File menu of each open window, select Close (shortcut key Ctrl+W). You must do this for each and every open Internet Explorer window to fully log out of NetBadge.
Firefox From the File menu, select Exit (shortcut key Ctrl+Q), which closes all open Firefox windows.
Macintosh (OS X) Safari From the Safari menu, select Quit (Shortcut key Command+Q).
Firefox From the Firefox menu, select Quit (Shortcut key Command+Q).

If You Cannot Exit Your Web Browser...

  1. If you did not log out of each NetBadge-protected website you visited this session, revisit each site and make sure you are logged out of it.
  2. Then log out of the NetBadge service itself, and thereby end your “single sign-on” period, by clicking the button below:

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