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Identity Management at UVA

About Enhanced NetBadge

How “Enhanced” NetBadge Is Different from “Regular”

You’re likely already familiar with NetBadge—you probably log into it often, as it protects many UVA websites and services, including your email, UVaCollab, etc.

“Enhanced” NetBadge provides a higher level of identity assurance than does “original” NetBadge.

The enhanced version of NetBadge asks you to:

  1. Log in to “regular” NetBadge using your digital certificate or UVA computing ID and password.
  2. Provide some additional information:
    • your University ID number (which appears on your UVA ID card or can be looked up online); and
    • the answer to one of your personal security questions.

What Enhanced NetBadge Protects

When Will I See Enhanced NetBadge?

You will see Enhanced NetBadge when accessing UVA websites or resources that require a greater level of privacy and security than NetBadge alone provides.

NetBadge will tell you whenever it requires the Enhanced level of protection by displaying: “This NetBadge-protected resource [name of resource] requires more login information for enhanced security.”

Over time, University systems that require a higher level of identity assurance than username or password alone will elect to use Enhanced NetBadge for authentication.

How Do I Use Enhanced NetBadge for My UVA Web Application?

University Web developers may use Enhanced NetBadge authentication to protect UVA applications with sensitive personal information.

  Page Updated: 2018-06-15