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NetBadge at UVA

About the NetBadge Service

What Is NetBadge?

When a website, service, or application at the University of Virginia needs to know your identity, it automatically redirects you to authenticate via NetBadge first, before granting you access. NetBadge protects many websites and resources on the UVA network. All traffic and actions on the UVA network are subject to University policies. By connecting to the University's network, you acknowledge and consent to these terms.

See how to log into NetBadge:

Enhanced NetBadge

If, after logging into “regular” NetBadge, you are presented with an additional NetBadge login screen, then you are attempting to access a website or resource which is protected by Enhanced NetBadge.

Important NetBadge Security Reminders

Don’t Fall for Scams!

Remember, always verify that you are on the real UVA NetBadge page first!

In NetBadge scams, cybercriminals try to trick you into revealing your UVA password by presenting a fake, lookalike NetBadge page. Double-check the URL; it should match this URL exactly: That is the only URL you should trust.

You can protect yourself from such scams by logging into NetBadge using your personal digital certificate whenever possible.

Protect Yourself: Completely Log Out of NetBadge

Protect your privacy and security by following instructions to fully log out of NetBadge.

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