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Using Groups for Email/Website Access/File Permissions

Send Email to a MyGroups Group

Send email to all the members of a MyGroups group by addressing your message to where “groupname” in the examples shown is replaced by the actual name of the group.

Email can be sent to the administrators of a group by addressing the email message to

NOTE: Some MyGroups groups may have very large memberships. The University policy on mass email communications applies to electronic communications sent to large subsets of the University population using MyGroups groups.

Authorize Access to Websites

MyGroups can be used to control access to websites using .htaccess files and NetBadge.

Manage File Permissions


MyGroups are automatically made available as UNIX groups on ITS-maintained UNIX platforms, such as your Home Directory or departmental websites hosted on any of the ITS UNIX Web clusters. Thus, you may use the group to grant permissions to view or edit files you own to an entire group of people at once.

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