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File-based Membership Management

Departments that already maintain their own institutional groups in small databases or files may want to use these systems as authoritative data sources for their MyGroups groups. This option is supported through MyGroups File-based Membership Management.

Setting up file-based management for one or more MyGroups groups

Once file-based management has been set up for your group, any deletions or additions that are made in the file will also be made to the corresponding MyGroups group. This synchronization will occur nightly and the members listed in the file will be authoritative for your group.

  1. Create the group using the MyGroups Management Interface. If the group already exists, skip to step 2.
  2. Maintain a file with records of the following format (one line per group member): computing_id:groupname
  3. Send email to requesting file-based management of the group. Include
    1. The group name (or names) and
    2. Where you intend to save the file. The file can be stored on any server that supports FTP.
      If you want to protect the group membership list with a high level of security, you will need to save the file on a secure server that is accessible via an SSH connection. The LDAP administrators will be happy to answer any questions about this and to work with you on choosing a good place to store the file.

To immediately add or delete members

  1. Use the MyGroups Management Interface to modify membership for your group, and
  2. manually update the file.

If MyGroups and the file are not updated at the same time, your change will be overwritten when the group's membership is synchronized with the file.

  Page Updated: 2012-02-16