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Mobile Devices at UVA

Configure a Mobile Device for a UVA Email Account

[Feb. 16, 2015:] The Microsoft Outlook mobile app has been blocked from accessing the UVA Exchange Service because it employs a third-party server and stores UVA data in an unapproved cloud service. Questions? Contact the UVA Help Desk.

Before you start, you may want to connect your mobile device to the UVA wireless network.

Connect Your Mobile Device to Your UVA Email Account

Detailed Instructions Provided for Some Smartphones/Devices

ITS offers specific step-by-step instructions for the following types of mobile devices and UVA email accounts:

General Instructions Provided for Other Mobile Devices/Email Accounts

ITS does not provide step-by-step instructions for every possible combination of UVA email account and mobile device. However, you can probably still successfully set up your UVA email account on your device or smartphone:

  1. If applicable, first enable your email to be received on your mobile device.
  2. Then, open your smartphone or mobile device’s Mail application and go to the email configuration screen. (If you do not know how to find this, you may need to search on the Internet for instructions specific to your device’s make and model.)
  3. Plug in the appropriate email settings for your desired UVA email account(s):

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