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Mobile Devices at UVA

Configure a BlackBerry for UVA

Connect Your BlackBerry to UVA’s Unencrypted wahoo Wireless Network

ITS recommends you apply all hardware and software updates and patches to your BlackBerry before you begin the connection process.

  1. Find your BlackBerry’s MAC address, so you can register its network card. The MAC (Media Access Control) address, also known as a “network card address” or “physical address,” uniquely identifies your device to the UVA network.

    Note that the Network Card Address/Physical Address/MAC Address is an alphanumeric value, which is listed in six groups of two hexadecimal digits, separated by hyphens (-). For example: 01-2B-C5-67-89-ab.

    To find your BlackBerry’s Network Card Address/Physical Address/MAC Address:

    1. Click the Menu key, then select Options, then Status.
    2. Find WLAN MAC and make a note of the address, which will appear without hyphens.

      If the above does not work for you, please use an Internet search to find instructions on locating the MAC address for your model of BlackBerry, as in: locate blackberry 7210 mac address.

  2. Register your device’s wireless card for use on the UVA network. On your computer, go to the UVa Network Registration website. Then:
    1. Click the Already Registered link.
    2. Under Faculty, Staff, and Students, click the Enter button. If needed, log into NetBadge.
    3. Click the Register a device for network access link.
    4. In the Physical/Hardware Address field, type the Network Card Address/Physical Address/MAC Address (i.e., WLAN MAC) for your BlackBerry’s wireless card, which you just looked up.
    5. From the This is a wireless device dropdown menu, select Yes.
    6. From the Contact Group dropdown menu, select No Group.
    7. Leave the Asset Tag (optional) field blank.
    8. Leave the Serial Number (optional) field blank.
    9. To differentiate this device from your other registered devices, in the Identifying Notes (e.g. Make/Model, Location) field, type some identifying information such as your UVA computing ID (example: mst3k) and the type of BlackBerry device you have (BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry 8320, etc.).
    10. Click the Submit Registration button. It may take 5-10 minutes for the registration to take place.
  3. Configure your BlackBerry to connect to UVA’s unencrypted wahoo wireless network. To do this:
    1. In an area where UVA’s unencrypted wahoo network is available, click the Menu key on your BlackBerry.
    2. Select Set Up Wi-Fi.
    3. Select Scan for Networks.
    4. Follow the prompts to add the unencrypted wahoo network.
  4. Test your configuration. Make sure you are in an area where UVA’s unencrypted wahoo network is available (you will see the secure network, cavalier, listed anytime you are in range of wahoo, even though wahoo may not display), and then attempt to connect.
    • After you have configured your device to use UVA’s unencrypted wahoo wireless network (where it is available), your BlackBerry will autodetect the network from then on.
    • Should your device fail to autodetect the network when you are within range, you will need to manually select the UVA unencrypted wahoo wireless network.

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