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Microsoft Exchange

Configure a BlackBerry for UVa’s Exchange Service

Before you start, you may want to connect your BlackBerry to the UVa wireless network.

Connect Your BlackBerry to Your UVa Exchange Account

Step 1: Prepare to Connect

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have updated your BlackBerry device with all available operating system updates and patches from your vendor. You will be unable to connect to Exchange properly if you have not done this! Download any available updates for your device.
  2. Ensure you have a UVa Exchange account on the UVa Exchange Service. (The UVa Centralized Exchange Service has already enabled ActiveSync for you by default.)
  3. If you are using your BlackBerry in BIS mode, verify your BlackBerry provider has enabled the correct mode (BIS) for your account.

Step 2: Configure Your BlackBerry to Connect to the UVa Exchange Service

Select either:


When you add an email account that's supported by Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, messages, calendar events, contacts, tasks, and notes associated with the account are synced with your BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry ActiveSync Exchange Configuration Instructions

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap Settings > Accounts.
  3. On the Add Account screen, tap the Advanced icon > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  4. Enter the username, email address, password, and server address for the account.
  5. Plug in the appropriate email settings for your UVa Exchange account:
    1. Server:
    2. Email Address: type your UVa computing, as in:
    3. For Username (or Login ID): type your UVa computing ID. Note, however, that how you enter this depends upon whether your device provides a separate field to type the Domain: name.
      1. If there is no separate field for Domain: name...
        Username: eservices\ID (i.e., eservices\mst3k)
      2. If there is a separate field for Domain: name...
        Username: your ID (i.e., mst3k)
        Domain: eservices
    4. Password: your Eservices/UVa Exchange Service password.
      • Note: The password for your Exchange account is the same as your Eservices password. If you do not know this password, (re)set it now.
    5. If your device asks for other configuration information such as port numbers, secure connections, LDAP servers, etc. see UVa Centralized Exchange Service account settings for these additional email settings.
    6. To change how far back in time your device syncs messages, in the Sync Timeframe drop-down list, tap an option.
  6. Tap Done.
  7. You will now receive your UVa Exchange email and calendar-related messages on your device. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure always to process your Exchange meeting-related messages on your computer and not your Blackberry, however!

BIS Mode

Before you continue: The remaining steps may take a few minutes, so allocate sufficient time for the process to complete. Also, ensure your BlackBerry has 2 or more “bars” of coverage, indicating a strong signal in your current location.

BlackBerry BIS Exchange Configuration Instructions

  1. Open the Setup.
  2. Select Email Accounts.
  3. Select Internet Mail Account.
  4. Select Other.
  5. In the Email Address field, type your UVa computing ID, e.g.,
  6. In the Password field, type your Eservices password.
    • Note: The password for your Exchange account is the same as your Eservices password. If you do not know this password, (re)set it now.
  7. Click the Continue button.
  8. Wait about 5 minutes, during which time activation will begin. After activation has begun, it may take several minutes for activation to complete. If the connection doesn't work the first time, the next connection attempt via BIS may take up to 20 minutes depending on how long the cycle is set for attempting to connect.
  9. ITS suggests you also make these specific recommended configuration changes on your BlackBerry.

Having trouble connecting to the UVa Exchange Service? To resolve this issue, please delete and recreate your current BIS profile on your Blackberry. The correct settings will automatically be set for your device.

Deleting Your Profile When Using BIS

To delete a profile, follow these steps:

  1. Select Messages on the BlackBerry.
  2. Click on the Menu key and scroll down and select Options.
  3. Select Email Account Management.
  4. Select the email account to be deleted.
  5. Select the Delete option.
  6. Select the Yes button to confirm.

ITS suggests you make the following recommended configuration changes on the BlackBerry:

  1. Select Messages on the BlackBerry.
  2. Click on the Menu key and scroll down to select Options.
  3. Select Email Reconciliation.
  4. Additional settings ITS recommends:
    • Recommended setting: Verify that Delete on: is set to Prompt.
      • This setting forces the BlackBerry to confirm with you before it makes a deletion.
    • Recommended setting: Verify that Wireless reconcile is set to On.
      • This setting allows reconciliation/synchronization via a wireless connection.
    • Recommended setting: Verify that On Conflicts is set to Mailbox wins.
      • This setting gives information on the Server priority over information stored locally on the BlackBerry.
  5. You may also want to connect your BlackBerry to the UVa wireless network, if you have not done so already.

Wiping Your BlackBerry

The process may vary a bit among BlackBerry models. It applies to both BlackBerries using ActiveSync and BIS mode. Generally:

  1. Press the Menu key, then select Options.
  2. Select Security Options.
  3. Select General Settings.
  4. Press the Menu key.
  5. Select Wipe Handheld.
  6. Follow the prompts to confirm this action.

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