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Mobile Devices at UVA

Configure an Android Device for UVA’s Exchange Service

[Apr. 12, 2017] Note: The Outlook Mobile App is supported for those UVA employees who have been migrated to Office 365.

[Feb. 16, 2015:] The Microsoft Outlook mobile app has been blocked from accessing the UVA Exchange Service because it employs a third-party server and stores UVA data in an unapproved cloud service. Questions? Contact the UVA Help Desk.

After you connect your Android to UVA’s unencrypted wahoo wireless network, you may want to:

Connect Your Android to Your UVA Exchange Account

Step 1: Prepare to Connect

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have updated your device with all available operating system updates and patches from your vendor. You will be unable to connect to Exchange properly if you have not done this! Download any available updates for your device.
  2. Ensure you have a UVA Exchange account on the UVA Exchange Service. The UVA Centralized Exchange Service has already enabled ActiveSync for you by default.

Step 2: Connect Your Android Smartphone or Device to Exchange

Since device manufacturers and models with the Android operating system vary widely, the below guidelines provide a general idea of what to do but instructions will vary slightly from device to device.

  1. Open your smartphone or mobile device’s Account Setup or Mail configuration screen and tap to set up a “Corporate Sync” or ActiveSync account. (Your device may use slightly different terms, depending upon your manufacturer, carrier, and version of Android software, so you may need to search on the Internet for instructions on how to find this which are specific to your device’s make and model.)
  2. Plug in the appropriate email settings for your UVA Exchange account:
    1. Server:
    2. Email Address: type your UVA computing, as in:
    3. For Username: (or Login ID:), type your UVA computing ID. Note, however, that how you enter this depends upon whether your device provides a separate field to type the Domain: name.
      1. If there is no separate field for Domain: name...
        Username: eservices\ID (i.e., eservices\mst3k)
      2. If there is a separate field for Domain: name...
        Username: your ID (i.e., mst3k)
        Domain: eservices
    4. Password: your Eservices/UVA Exchange Service password.
      • Note: The password for your Exchange account is the same as your Eservices password. If you do not know this password, (re)set it now.
    5. If your device asks for other configuration information such as port numbers, secure connections, LDAP servers, etc. see UVA Centralized Exchange Service account settings for these additional email settings.
  3. You will now receive your UVA Exchange email and calendar-related messages on your device. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure always to process your Exchange meeting-related messages on your computer and not your Android, however!

Optionally, you may also want to connect your Android device to UVA’s unencrypted wahoo wireless network.

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