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ITS Windows Services

Premium Server


The Premium Server Service offers space on a Windows 2003 file server to departments at a reasonable cost. The cost of the necessary hardware, software, and staff time to administer and maintain the server is included in the annual fee. There is also a small setup fee, usually for 1 to 2 hours of labor charged at the current ITS Enterprise Storage and Computing Platforms consulting rate.

The Service provides departments with shared workspace and provides individuals with their own secure directories. Departments may have unique login scripts, choose drive mappings, and customize their common directories. It is also possible for a participating department to assign one of their staff to administer their shared directories locally.

Benefits of the Premium Server Service

  • ITS provides daily backups of all data on the server.
  • ITS Enterprise Storage and Computing Platforms group has significant experience with Windows 2003 and will be maintaining the server.
  • The Service is compatible with common desktop operating systems in use at UVa, including Windows and Macintosh OSes.
  • Premium Server offers departments a secure and cost-effective alternative to purchasing and maintaining their own file servers.

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