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ITS Windows Services

Departmental Server Management

Annual ITS Departmental Virtual and Microsoft Services (VAMS)
Support Program & Agreement

The ITS Departmental VAMS support program provides operating system support, file system backups and operational support to departments on an annual fee basis for Microsoft Windows Server platforms. ITS VAMS will support the server as outlined below. The agreement will be in effect and be renewed on an annual basis on July 1 unless termination is requested in writing at least 90 days in advance of the July 1 renewal by ITS VAMS or the owning department.

System Support Services Covered by This Agreement

ITS Virtualization and Microsoft Services will:

  • Configure and maintain the departmental Windows Server according to ITS VAMS configuration and security guidelines.
  • Identify hardware problems and interface with the hardware vendor for repair of any failing hardware.
  • Install and maintain up-to-date system and networking software, including hot fixes and patches.
    • For servers hosting third-party applications that the ITS Sponsor is not familiar with, the ITS Sponsor will not make alterations to the system, without either: i) written consent of the vendor, or ii) acknowledgement of responsibility by the Client in the form of written document, facsimile or email.
    • If the vendor fails to approve security patches and hot fixes, the department automatically assumes responsibility for choosing whether to apply the patch or hot fix, or risk server compromise.
  • Perform quarterly maintenance on all system hardware and operating system software.
  • If optional backups are requested, perform incremental backups Monday through Thursday and full backups on Friday. Server backups are available at published rates.

The Owning Department will:

  • Inform ITS VAMS immediately if Moderately Sensitive Data or Highly Sensitive Data needs to be stored on this server.
  • Pay initial and recurring costs as outlined on signed agreement form.
  • Pay actual cost of any hardware repair that is not covered by the hardware warranty, including vendor time and materials.
  • Notify ITS VAMS if the PTAO used for charges should be changed.

Disaster Recovery Consideration

ITS provides no special insurance or vendor support to replace machines that might not be salvageable in a disaster. It is the owning department’s responsibility to make arrangements for such contingencies. ITS VAMS will work with the department to secure replacement equipment under the arrangements made by the department owning the equipment that is covered under this maintenance agreement. ITS VAMS’ backup system is housed off Grounds in a remote location, and ITS VAMS will provide for the restoration of data from backups once replacement hardware has been secured by the owning department and installed.

Hours of Support

This agreement covers support during normal working hours, 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. The addition of optional, extended support hours is available and included only if included on the itemized costs table on the support agreement. Optional, extended support descriptions are available at published rates.

Sensitive Data

Storage of data on all ITS-managed servers is subject to the Electronic Storage of Highly Sensitive Data Policy and the UVa Institutional Data Protection Standards and appropriate approvals for storing these types of data will be required. Refer to these documents for important information regarding storage and protection of highly or moderately sensitive data.

Server Secure Facility Co-Location

ITS VAMS will house servers under contract in the ITS secure computing facility, at current rates. Servers in this facility are protected by limited, passcard controlled, access. The facility is protected from fire by a halon system rather than sprinklers. Power is supplied through enterprise class UPSes backed up by a generator. ITS also offers server hosting on its VMWare VSphere clusters.

Optional File System Backups

In the absence of system unavailability due to network outage or other technical problems preventing access to the department’s system(s), ITS will perform regularly scheduled (usually daily) file system backups on covered Windows Server systems. Backups will be retained for a period not less than six months. Support service coverage is required for ITS to perform backups.

Optional Extended Support

Two options are available for extended (outside 8 AM–5PM, Monday–Friday) support. These two options are available at published rates.

  • Option 1: 8 AM–8 PM, Monday–Friday; 10 AM–6 PM, Saturday–Sunday
  • Option 2: 6 AM–1 AM, Sunday–Saturday

Additional (optional) Services

ITS Virtualization and Microsoft Systems will consider providing additional services not covered by the scope of the agreement upon request by the department. Additional services will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and are only included if listed in the itemized costs on the Departmental Server Support agreement.

Services Not Covered Under This Agreement

  • Network cabling, which is done by ITS Network Operations at their normal rates.
  • Normal end-user support questions, which are handled by the UVa Help Desk at no charge.
  • Software Licenses
  • Day-to-day server administrative tasks such as account and print queue creation, and resetting passwords. These tasks may, however, be provided during the departmental administrator's absence due to a scheduled vacation or during an extended illness.

To request a support agreement, email ITS VAMS. ITS VAMS also offers consultation on Microsoft Windows Server at an hourly rate.

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