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ITS-Supported Macintosh Software List

Following is a list of software available in ITS facilities and public areas in the Libraries for the Macintosh platform. Please note that some software applications, due to license restrictions, may not be available in all locations:

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Mac OS X 10.10
Title, Version, (Vendor), [Suite] Detailed Info Where Can I Find This?
Audacity for Mac 2.1.3 (Audacity Project)detail >>locations >>
Chrome 60.0 (Google)detail >>locations >>
Cyberduck 6.1 ()detail >>locations >>
Excel 2016 (Microsoft)   [Microsoft Office: Mac 2016]detail >>locations >>
Firefox ESR 47.0.1 (Mozilla)detail >>locations >>
GarageBand 10.1.0 (Apple)detail >>locations >>
Max/MSP Runtime 7 (Cycling 74)detail >>locations >>
Panopto Recorder ()detail >>locations >>
PowerPoint 2016 (Microsoft)   [Microsoft Office: Mac 2016]detail >>locations >>
Read and Write Gold (Texthelp, Ltd.)detail >>locations >>
Safari 9.1.1 (Apple)detail >>locations >>
SoundHack .896 ()detail >>locations >>
Spear 0.7.4 (BrotherSoft)detail >>locations >>
StataIC 14 (Stata Corp.)detail >>locations >>
Word 2016 (Microsoft)   [Microsoft Office: Mac 2016]detail >>locations >>

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