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Memorandum of Understanding for Hive Usage in Departmental Labs

The purpose of the Hive is to provide student access to licensed software applications from their personal computers. The Hive is not intended to replace departmental labs, but ITS offers the Hive for use on lab computers as long as we have available capacity.


  1. UVA is only funded to provide Hive access to student-owned computers. If the Hive reaches its funded concurrent usage limit, departments using the Hive on UVa-owned lab computers will be asked to either provide financial support for additional Hive licenses or to remove the Hive client from the department’s computers.
  2. An individual agreement must be signed for each lab that desires to install the Hive client.
  3. It is understood that some applications, particularly graphic intensive applications, do not work optimally in the Hive environment. If one of these applications is needed for coursework, it is the faculty’s responsibility to determine if the Hive instance is acceptable. If it is not, then they will need to provide other methods for students to access this software other than the Hive.
  4. Requests to install applications must be made by faculty, staff, or TAs. Requests will not be accepted from students.
  5. Applications must be a licensed application for which a signed copy of the license will be provided and must be needed by more than 10 students or one academic course. Requests for application customizations for an individual’s use cannot be honored.


  1. The Hive is not supported on UVA-owned lab computers without a signed agreement with ITS explaining the rights and restrictions associated with this usage.
  2. The Hive is not intended for use in a classroom environment.
    1. If a class is held in a lab, then the Hive cannot be used for this class. There are not enough concurrent Hive licenses to provide for this function.


  1. ITS does not have the resources to provide primary support for departmental labs, therefore when the Hive is installed on departmental lab computers, the primary support of any issues related to the Hive must assumed by the manager of the lab.
    1. Students should report all Hive issues to the manager of the lab. If the manager is unable to resolve the issue, the lab manager, rather than the user, should contact ITS VAMS software group directly.
    2. The lab must provide signage directing students to contact departmental staff for primary support.
  2. Departments will provide at least two contacts for each lab in the event there is a problem that needs to be resolved.
  3. ITS occasionally performs scheduled maintenance on the Hive. Downtimes will be announced on the ITS Service Status.

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