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UVa Facilities with ITS-Supported Software

Getting Help With Classrooms


To reserve an ITS technology classroom please contact the Facilities Coordinator in the
Office of the University Registrar at 982-2303 or 243-8821 |

For Immediate Help call our Hotline numbers:

434-982-4586 Central Grounds Precinct (East of Emmet/JPA)

434-982-4576 Sciences Precinct (West of Emmet/JPA)

434-924-6800 Physics Building

434-924-1030 Ruffner Building

434-924-3319 Architecture District

To submit a problem with the room or equipment please complete this form:

Classroom Trouble Report
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Your Email Address: * (e.g.
Classroom (building and room): *
Please tell us the date you experienced the problem: Select Date
Did the issue affect your class? * Yes
Did the you call the hotline for assistance?
(434-982-4586 or 434-982-4576) *
Provide a description of the problem, being as specific as possible. If the problem can be reproduced, please include details of how and the frequency: *
Please enter the following security code: *


If you have specific concerns about classroom software, please direct them to

General assistance:

Assistance can also be requested by e-mailing the ITS Classrooms group at

For additional information and assistance with non-technical issues with regard to hardware or software in ITS classrooms, you can contact one of the following staff people:

  • Frank Coffman, Classroom Support Supervisor, ITS Classrooms
  • Tom Hale, Classroom Support Supervisor, ITS Classrooms
  • Sharon Drumheller, Manager of ITS Classrooms

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