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UVA Network Authenticated Login

To enhance the security of the UVA network, authenticated login is required in order to use computers in the University Library and the ITS labs and classrooms.

How to Log In

  • Member of the UVA community? Enter your UVA computing ID (e.g., mst3k) and the password you use for your Eservices account.
  • Guest patron of the library not affiliated with the University? Obtain a temporary username and password from the Library service desk.

Why Log In?

Authenticated login increases your security as a lab user by discouraging unauthorized people from outside the University community from using your labs. It also helps protect the UVA network — and all its users — by making it more difficult for individuals to use anonymous public machines to launch cyber attacks against other computers, both on-Grounds and off.

Threats to the security of computer users and networks continue to escalate worldwide. Authenticated login is a necessary strategy in providing students, faculty, and staff with a safe computing environment.

Can't recall your password?

If you are in an ITS or Library facility...

  • On an unrestricted computer (such as your personal computer), use the Password Wizard to reset your password.

If you try to log in five times using an incorrect ID or password, you will be locked out of the system for 15 minutes.

Logging Out — Important!

  • Once a computer is inactive for 14 minutes, it automatically logs out the current user without saving any open data files! A warning will pop up to let you know when logout is imminent.
  • When you are finished with a computer, please remember to log out.

Why automatic logout? The automatic logout feature is there for your protection. If you forget to log out from a machine when you leave — something that happens frequently in the labs — someone else could come along behind you and continue your session. That person can then access any personal files you've left open, or mount a cyber attack on another computer using your ID as a cover. Automatic logout reduces your exposure to unauthorized use of your personal information, vandalism, and identity theft.

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