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UBI for SIS Reporting [January 2018]

UBI delivers Student Information System (SIS) reporting with speed and accuracy. As new SIS modules or SIS module enhancements are added with each major release, UBI focuses on maximizing your reporting outcomes.

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For any questions on adopting UBI for SIS reporting, please send an email to the UBI Team.

General Information

Ad hoc reporting from the Student Information System is done from the Reporting Database, also known as CSRPT. CSRPT is a copy of the production Student Information System database that is created specifically for reporting.

This copy is completely refreshed each night. Thus, each morning the data should be completely up to date, and (aside from unplanned downtimes) it should never be more than 24 hours out of date.

Each night the production SIS database is backed up beginning at 1:00 AM. When this backup completes, generally around 1:30 AM, the Reporting Database refresh begins. While the refresh is in progress, the Reporting Database is unavailable. The refresh is normally complete before 6:00 AM.

A UVA Identity Token connected to the JointVPN profile is required for all access to CSRPT.

The Reporting Database should not be confused with the Integrated System's Operational Data Store (ODS), which contains Financial and Human Resources Data.

Reporting Roles

In order for an account to be created for you on CSRPT, you must request and be granted one or more of the Student Information System reporting roles. These roles are requested just like any other SIS role. Many of these roles require training before the access can be granted. For information on requesting access, please go to Student Information System (SIS) Toolkits. Reporting role names all end in the word Reporting.) You may also refer to the SIS Data Catalog for detailed information on the data elements contained by each role.

Other Reporting Tools

Tools include SAS for Windows and ODBC tools such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Query (a component of Excel). These tools are only recommended for those who already have expertise in using them. The SIS Reporting team can assist you with problems you encounter while connecting to the database using other tools, but is not able to offer instruction in how to use other tools.

To use any of these other tools, you will need to have Oracle client software installed. You may already have a client installed from previously using the SIS Reporting Database or other databases; however, because the Reporting Database was upgraded to version 11g on June 4, 2011, we recommend that you install the IS Oracle Client for 11g if you have not already done so. This will also install an up-to-date ODBC driver and create three ODBC System Data Sources for you:

  • SIS Oracle 11g Client - for connecting to the SIS Reporting Database
  • HrFin ODS Oracle 11g Client - for connecting to the HR/Finance ODS
  • HrFin Prod Oracle 11g Client - for connecting to the production instance of HR/Finance, if you have access

Click here to access the 11g Client installer and here for installation instructions. Write if you have any problems using the installer.

Please note that if you access the reporting database from another tool, the names of the reporting objects will differ from what from what you see in Discoverer. Each will be preceded by sysadm.uv_ . So for example, AD_Applicants will appear as sysadm.uv_ad_applicants or SYSADM.UV_AD_APPLICANTS in another tool. The names are not case-sensitive.

Password Changes

When your account on the Reporting Database is initially created, you will not be able to login until you change the password from the one that we give you. Use the Password Change webpage to change your password.

Passwords should begin with a letter, and be composed of letters and numbers. A minimum of 8 characters are recommended for an adequately secure password.

Because we are also requiring you to use a UVA Identity Token to access the Reporting Database, we will not require you to change this password after the initial login. However, to change your password at any time, you can use the Password Change webpage.

Should you forget your password, call 434-924-HELP, followed by 3, then 1, and ask to have your Reporting Database password reset. They will give you a new expired password, and you will then be able to change it by using the Password Change page.

Note: Please remember that your Reporting Database password is distinct and separate from your password to the Student Information System itself. Changing your password in the Student Information System will not change your Reporting Database password, and vice versa.

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