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The Document Imaging System is an electronic document repository for the University of Virginia, currently used for the Integrated System and University Human Resources. It is used by faculty and staff to access and review academic and business-related documents.

Getting Started

Desktop requirements for the Document Imaging System client
The Document Imaging System desktop client is required for users who will scan or link documents in the Document Imaging System.

The client software only runs on Windows operating systems. To use the Document Imaging System desktop client, it must be installed on your computer and is available on the Document Imaging System Collab site.

If the Document Imaging System Collab site is not accessible, join the site by logging in to Collab,
selecting My Workspace, Membership, Joinable Sites, search for SIS ImageNow, click Join.

The following are minimum desktop requirements to run the Document Imaging System desktop client:

  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Internet Explorer 8


Document Imaging System Desktop Client Login

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Your Eservices account login name is your UVA computing ID (e.g., eservices\mst3k). If you do not know your Eservices password, you can reset it.
  2. Check Joint VPN Connection. If your Joint VPN connection is not active, insert your security UVA Identity Token and connect with appropriate password.
  3. Check VPN Filter. If Joint VPN is active and login still fails, ask your LSP (Local Support Partners for computer support) to check whether you have an active ImageNow Standard VPN Filter. LSPs can check this at the ITS netadmin tools page to confirm that the token is enabled (enabled = Y) and that the user has ImageNow Standard VPN Filter.
  4. For ImageNow support, please email

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